Top Two CFB Games of Week One

           The college football (CFB) season is officially in full swing and to say the least week one kicked things off on the right foot. Although there were lots of good games, I’m going to go over my top two for the first slate of games of the year.

  • North Carolina vs. Appalachian State- This game had quite literally everything, and if you watched it, you were surely left starstruck like I was. The game started with App State on the board first with a 52-yard touchdown run from Nate Noel. But North Carolina struck back, tying the game at 7-7 before App State would end the first quarter off with a 22-yard touchdown pass, making it 14-7 at the end of the first. Early in the second App State, quarterback Chase Brice would get his second touchdown of the game to make it 21-7. However, North Carolina would march back down with a second touchdown pass from standout quarterback Drake Maye, giving App State only a one-possession lead. North Carolina would then score two touchdowns to end the half, taking a 28-21 lead. North Carolina would keep this momentum up by scoring another touchdown and two field goals, rendering App State scoreless in the 3rd quarter and down 41-21. However, App State would start the fourth quarter by driving down and scoring before quickly stopping North Carolina and scoring once more, making it 41-35. North Carolina would waste no time, however, as they went down the field in just over a minute, scoring a touchdown and a two-point conversion. App State had zero quit and went a scored two touchdowns right back, tying the game up at 49-49 with four minutes left. Drake Maye on his next drive would fire a 42-yard touchdown pass right to D.J. Jones and regain the momentum for North Carolina taking the lead at 56-49 with under three minutes to go. App State would then methodically move the ball downfield before Chase Brice dropped a perfect 28-yard touchdown to give put the Mountaineers in position to either tie the game or go for the win with a two-point conversion. They elected to go for the two-point conversion in hopes of taking the lead with only 30 seconds left, however, this effort failed as Chase Brice would ever so slightly overthrow the ball leading App State to be down 56-55. In one last desperation attempt, App State would onside the ball which North Carolina recovered, but for some reason, North Carolina didn’t simply drop when getting the ball which would have allowed them to run out the clock, but Bryson Nebit ran it back for a touchdown. Although this extended North Carolina’s lead it allowed App State one more chance to try and tie the game up at least. With 28 seconds left Chase Brice and the App State offense would only need two plays and 19 seconds to score a 26-yard touchdown to give them a chance to tie the game back up with a two-point conversion. However, on their attempt, Chase Brice would fall only two yards short of the endzone and give North Carolina a 63-61 win in easily one of the wildest games in the history of college football. 
  • Florida State vs. LSU-The only game on Sunday for college football this weekend was FSU vs. LSU, and it definitely made up for the lack of football in the day. LSU started out with a solid drive that would stall out after a bad snap leading to a field goal making it 3-0. FSU would get in field goal range on their next drive but Ryan Fitzgerald would end up missing the 47-yarder. After stopping LSU on their next drive FSU would put a fantastic drive together leading to a 39-yard bomb on a trick play by Jordan Travis leading to the first touchdown of the game making the score 7-3. That would be the last of the scoring for the first half and FSU would end the first half leading by four. FSU would start the second half with a field goal opening their lead up to 10-3. FSU continued to halt LSU of any offense and would on their next drive score a touchdown via a 27-yard Jordan Travis touchdown pass caught by Ontario Wilson, his second touchdown catch of the game. LSU would finally get some offense going however and cut the lead down to seven with a touchdown making it 17-10 entering the 4th quarter. FSU would not let the touchdown phase them as they put a strong six-minute drive together resulting in an easy touchdown at the goalline making it a two-possession game once again. LSU got the ball back and quarterback Jayden Daniels marched them down the field before ending the drive off with a 22-yard touchdown pass making it 24-17. LSU was able to then stop FSU and forced them to punt, but LSU would muff the return allowing FSU to fall on the ball in an easy scoring position. But right when it seemed it was all over on 3rd down mere yards from the endzone, running back Treshaun Ward would fumble a toss to him and LSU recovered giving them one last shot to win with a little over a minute to go. LSU would miraculously drive downfield and get out of bounds at FSU’s two-yard line with one second left. Jayden Daniels would then find Jaray Jenkins in the back of the endzone for a touchdown and a simple extra point would bring the game to overtime. But this is college football and you expect the unexpected, LSU’s extra point would get blocked and in one of the greatest endings you’ll ever see, FSU would scrap by 24-23 with a razor-thin win.

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