How Taylor Swift has helped me through the ups, downs, and all around

Whether it’s crying in a car, dancing at a party, or even wallowing in a corner because your boyfriend just broke up with you, Taylor Swift, an American pop singer and songwriter, has created music for every occasion. As a Swift-finatic, I can attest to why all of her nine albums (and soon to be 10), can get you through every situation. Her music to me is like life support. Without it I don’t know where I would be right now. 

On my emotional heart shattering rough days, Swift’s music 99% of the time relates to my situation. Currently at the age of 30 years-old, Swift uses her many years of experience to create her lyrical masterpieces. And at the age of 17-years-old, I feel like I’m living the ‘Taylor Swift high school boy experience.’ Constant heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak. The songs that have helped me the most are I Wish You Would, Dear John, Back to December, Better Than Revenge, Last Kiss, If This Was a Movie, my tears ricochet, mad woman, gold rush, ‘tis the d*mn season, tolerate it, closure, illicit affairs, Superstar (Taylor’s Version), We Were Happy (Taylor’s Version), Don’t You (Taylor’s Version), Sad Beautiful Tragic (Taylor’s Version), Come Back…Be Here (Taylor’s Version), Nothing New (Taylor’s Version), Babe (Taylor’s Version), All Too Well (10 Minute Version)(Taylor’s Version), Change (Taylor’s Version), and Forever & Always (Taylor’s Version). If you are going through a drastic breakup like I did, whether it’s with a boy, girl, or whatever your preference is, I highly recommend listening to these tunes to get you through the long hard months ahead. 

Most of my battles throughout my lifetime have been with my own conscience. And to deal with these battles you know what I do: listen to Taylor Swift. In Swift’s Netflix Documentary, Miss Americana, it displays the ups and downs in her life with the music industry, whether it was internal or external factors for Swift. However, seeing a celebrity go through similar life experiences as the average person is somehow comforting to watch, and it’s even more soothing to listen to through song. To get through the absolutely mind-fracturing days, listening to Soon You’ll Get Better, mirrorball, this is me trying, and hoax help me understand what I’m going through, and give me hope that life will get better one day. 

Now the 0.01% of the time where I’m actually feeling good about myself and not bawling my eyes out, I listen to the ‘feel good’ songs that Swift cooked up. Sure there are not a lot of them, but just like how pain turns into masterpieces, so do tears of joy (sometimes). Not saying there is anything wrong with being confident about yourself and happy though, cause good for you if you are! If I’m in that mood, I would listen to Delicate, Gorgeous, Getaway Car, Dancing With Our Hands Tied, Welcome To New York, Blank Space, Style, Out of the Woods, Shake It Off, Wildest Dreams, How You Get the Girl, I Know Places, Only The Young, Wonderland, New Romantics, Cruel Summer, The Man, Paper Rings, Death By A Thousand Cuts, London Boy, Stay Stay Stay (Taylor’s Version), 22 (Taylor’s Version), Holy Ground (Taylor’s Version), Message In A Bottle (Taylor’s Version), and You Belong With Me (Taylor’s Version)

Whether your life is sad, depressed, anxious, or even enthusiastic once and a while, Swift has got the remedies for each moment in your life. She is best and cheapest form of therapy you will ever get.

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