Apathy, The Name of The Game

Apathy has its root word in Apathes, meaning “without feeling.” Now, what can you correlate apathy with in modern society? Social media, politics, perhaps even news reporting? While I could agree with some of those words, one specific word I correlate apathy with is school. Schools in America are often lauded for their underperformance on the international level, both academically and financially. For a disproportionate … Continue reading Apathy, The Name of The Game

How Taylor Swift has helped me through the ups, downs, and all around

Whether it’s crying in a car, dancing at a party, or even wallowing in a corner because your boyfriend just broke up with you, Taylor Swift, an American pop singer and songwriter, has created music for every occasion. As a Swift-finatic, I can attest to why all of her nine albums (and soon to be 10), can get you through every situation. Her music to … Continue reading How Taylor Swift has helped me through the ups, downs, and all around

Mental Health affecting KWHS Students

In a perfect world, a student’s well-being would come first, but in Key West, the Key West High School (KWHS) students feel differently about how our Monroe County school system prioritizes mental health.  In a recent anonymous survey across KWHS students, 82.1% of the students said that teachers should consider mental health when assigning work. Likewise, an anonymous KWHS student agreed with the statistic. “Sometimes … Continue reading Mental Health affecting KWHS Students

Social Media affecting Self-Validation

In today’s world, all age groups in society find self-validation through the number of likes and comments on a tiny black screen. TikTok, a social media platform with the concept of swiping to watch the next video, has brought this concept to a whole other level. Going “TikTok viral” is seen as a big deal among all ages, and the thing is, you don’t know … Continue reading Social Media affecting Self-Validation