2022 KWHS Senior Superlatives

(L-R) Robert Malcom and Rosa Nafrere are excited to accept the ‘Best All Around’ superlative. Photo Contributed by KWHS Yearbook

Best All-Around: Robert Malcom and Rosa Nafrere

By Emily Bracher 

As one of the highest honors Key West High School (KWHS) can bestow, the Best All-Around superlative calls for the best of the best. This year, for the 2022 school year, the well-deserved recipients were Rosa Nafrere and Robert Malcom.

Throughout her high school career, Rosa Nafrere has been more than involved in multiple extracurricular activities such as Track, Girls Weightlifting, Marching Band, Conch Campus Restoration Club, Keys To Be the Change, Executive Board, Student Council, Beta Club, Peer Mentoring, and Z-Club. She is the president of not only the Executive Board but also the Beta Club while also holding the position of vice president of the Student Council. Outside of school, she is a part of the Candy Girls, a church group dedicated to bringing back old Key West Candies. She is also a part of the Chosen Generation Youth Choir and serves as a board member of the Boys and Girls Club Board of Directors. Just to put the cherry on top, Rosa was named the 2021 homecoming queen. 

Rosa plans on attending the University of South Florida (USF) where she will major in Business. After college, she plans on starting her own business “geared towards aiding underprivileged children.” 

“I feel like this superlative fits me to an extent because as a person, I would definitely say that I’m well rounded. With the exception of sport,” she explained, “ I believe my involvement in my community and my school activities qualify me for this superlative.”

The only other superlative Rosa thought she would’ve had a shot for was Most School spirit because she is “super involved in the school and always goes all out during spirit weeks and pep rallies.” 

Rosa hopes that her dedication and enthusiasm for Key West High School will inspire others to do the same. “Conch Pride to me means leading with the ideals of perseverance, respect, integrity, determination, and excellence.” 

Next up, we have Robert Malcom, who has been playing tennis since his freshman year and is a captain this season. He has been a member of the Executive Board for all four years and has been hosting the morning announcements since his junior year. 

Robert will be attending Tallahassee Community College and then transfer to Florida State University, where he will major in Digital Media Production and minor in film in hopes of joining the film or television industry. 

“I think my superlative fits me because I’m well rounded and I try my best to be the person anyone can go up to and have a good conversation with”, Robert explained, “I was originally hoping for the Most Likely to Succeed superlative, but I don’t know if that necessarily fit me better.” 

“When my name was announced over the loudspeaker, I remember throwing my hand up in the air and everyone in class congratulating me. At that moment, I felt very proud and honored,” says Robert as he looks back on the day he was told the big news. 

To Robert, Conch Pride means that “regardless of the situation, you give it your all, you never back down, and most importantly, you represent your school and community while doing so. Whether I’m on the tennis court, or in front of the camera, I always remind myself that I am not only doing this for myself but for the Key West High School community.” 

(L-R) Vivian Carper and Siddharth Singh are proud to be the hardest workers at KWHS. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Hardest Worker: Siddharth Singh and Vivian Carper

By Sadie Dodds

Our school is full to the brim with hard-working people but this year, two students stood out as the “Hardest Working” seniors for the class of 2022: Vivian Carper and Siddharth Singh. These two seniors have participated in so much throughout their years with Carper being both co-captain of the Conchettes dance team and president of the Model UN Club, and Singh being both captain of the swim team and a co-captain and co-founder of the Mock Trial team.

Carper plans to keep pushing herself at the University of Michigan and Singh plans to as well at Brown University. After college, these two students’ bright futures both include aspirations to attend law school.

Beyond being members of everything from the marching band/wind ensemble/jazz band (Carper) to the morning announcements and TV productions travel team (Singh) to the National Honors Society (both), these students are huge proponents of Conch Pride. Carper had this to say on our school motto: “I have shown Conch pride through my high kicks at every football game, losing my voice at every pep rally, and my love for all the band chants like ed lover. Conch pride to me means having pride in our community and our resilience, and coming together in times of struggle to show the world how beautiful Key West truly is.” She truly embodies our school spirit

Singh too had much to say about Conch Pride: “I try to display Conch pride whenever I can. From giving it my all at a swim meet or attending one of the many football games and school events, embodying Conch pride is a very important quality that I try to embody. To me, Conch pride means being an active member in our community. Whether it be something small like giving someone a compliment to brighten their day to something large like leading a community service project, Conch pride means giving back and recognizing the beauty of our community that has given us so much.”

Both Carper and Singh were surprised and humbled when they received this honor. “Upon receiving this superlative I was shocked that I was even considered let alone chosen for this recognition and I was very thankful to my classmates for thinking of me,” says Singh. 

However, they also both felt that this superlative matched their personalities. “My dedication to the arts and love for academics has qualified me to win my superlative and I have always tried to do my best in everything I take on,” says Carper.

(L-R) Logan Kirchner and Gabby Lee are showing off their future careers. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Most Likely To Succeed: Logan Kirchner and Gabby Lee

By Grayson Acevedo

           One of the most well recognized and loved awards by the people in the most likely to succeed award has another set of winners. The winners of the award this year are Logan Kirchner and Gabby Lee.

              Logan participated in many clubs and school-related activities including being president of the HOSA Health Club, a member of Mu Alpha Theta for three years, Student Council, National Honors Society, a player on the varsity soccer team, and he was selected to the Phi Theta Kappa College Honors Society.

Logan plans to attend the University of Florida and will be pursuing a career in PreMed Biology so he can later attend medical school. When asked if he thought his superlative fit him he said, “In my opinion, I feel as though my superlative fits who I am, and I would never be here without the support of my family and peers. I always keep my goals on the horizon and will trudge through any hardship life throws at me in pursuit of them.” He also said he felt no other superlative fit him as each of the other awards appropriately fits his peers.

 Logan said he was very surprised to win and felt if he were to win any award it would be the best car, he said, “I had never advertised for people to vote for me.” The final question we asked Logan was how he displays conch pride, he said, “I try my hardest to act as a leader in both my school and community and work to help those who need it most.”

               Gabby has been a part of the soccer team, Z-Club, Chess Club, S.W.A.T Club, National Honor Society, and Executive Board. In her senior year, Gabby was also the president of the Zonta Club, Chess Club, and the captain of the soccer team. 

Gabby plans on attending the University of Florida where she will major in political science, then she plans to attend law school. When asked Gabby if she felt her superlative fit her, her response was “ I’ve worked really hard, so I hope my superlative does fit me.” She felt the reason she was qualified for the superlative was because of her work ethic and drive as well. 

“I was shocked when I received the superlative. I honestly wasn’t expecting to get any of them.” The final question I asked was how she displays conch pride and what it means to her, she said, “I’ve displayed conch pride through my involvement in clubs, sports, and school events. To me, conch pride means giving every day your all and treating everyone around you with respect.”

(L-R) Chloe Knowles and Eric Barter are showing off their Conch Pride. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Most School Spirit: Eric Barter and Chloe Knowles

By Emma Scepkova

Every year, the senior class of Key West High School (KWHS) rack their brains trying to decide who to choose for each unique superlative. However, Chloe Knowles and Eric Barter were easily chosen as the class with the “Most School Spirit”. 

Both are extremely involved at KWHS. Knowles is the Vice President of Beta Club, Treasurer of Mu Alpha Theta, and a member of Student Council, Class of 2022 Executive Board, Zonta Club, Peer Mentoring, National Honor Society, as well as the captain of the Girls Weightlifting team for the last three years and a player on the KWHS Softball team. Barter was Class of 2022 Executive Board President his sophomore year and is a member of the Student Council, Beta Club, Peer Mentoring, and Steel Pan. 

The two have also dressed up as the KWHS mascot “Conchy” a myriad of times over the course of their four years in high school. Upon hearing she received this award, Knowles shared, “I think the countless hours I’ve put into helping the school, and anyone who knows me well knows how much pride I take in being a part of KWHS. Conch Pride and school spirit have played a big role in the last four years of my life.”

Knowles elaborated on the concept she and Barter exemplify: Conch Pride. “Ever since Freshman year, I have always been the one dressed in crimson and gray, and the loudest at all school events. I was always the loudest and most hyped at sporting events and pep rallies… Coming from two former Key West High students, the idea of Conch Pride has been drilled in my head since a very young age.” Barter agreed with Knowles on the importance of school spirit and Conch Pride. “Conch Pride is displayed in many different ways at KWHS. Conch Pride means being true to yourself, being honest, and respecting your peers and other individuals at KWHS. I display this through my creative side, and my personality. I try to be as energized as possible whenever I am around KWHS. A smile goes a long way.”

In the future, Knowles plans on attending the University of Central Florida and majoring in accounting. Barter plans on seeing the world and working abroad. Wherever their course of life takes them, the same spirit and Conch Pride will follow them.

(L-R) Preston Herce and Isabella Perez are proudly showing their athleticism. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Most Athletic: Preston Herce and Isabella Perez

By Gus Wilson

One of the more anticipated superlatives at Key West High School (KWHS) is Most Athletic. The class of 2022 voted Isabella Perez and Preston Herce as the Most Athletic students in their class. Over the last four years, they have shown excellence on and off the field for a handful of teams for the Conchs.

“I play multiple sports, work hard, and show sportsmanship while playing,” Herce said. Herce has played baseball and football all four years of high school, and basketball his sophomore year for the Conchs was a major part of each team’s success. Herce is the captain of both the football and baseball team. 

When asked if he was surprised to receive the superlative, Herce responded saying he was “honored and humbled that my peers felt that way about me.” Herce is a part of the 2022 Executive Board, Beta Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. After high school, Herce will attend Pensacola State College where he will continue his baseball career and major in physical therapy.

Perez has been on the varsity softball team all four years of high school. Off the field, she is a member of Z-Club, 2022 Executive Board, and a volunteer at the local youth softball league. “I think I received this superlative because mostly everyone knows me for going ‘D1’ and they know how hard I worked to get to this point,” Perez explained, “I think my work ethic and dedication to be better at softball every day qualifies me to be chosen for my superlative.” 

Similar to Herce, Perez was surprised to receive this because she “didn’t think that many people out of [the] class would vote for [her].” She will be majoring in early education with hopes of becoming a teacher while attending Florida International University where she will also play for their division one softball program.

The class of 2022, Herce and Perez’s teammates, and the rest of the KWHS student body wish the best for Herce and Perez on their journey through collegiate sports.

(L-R) Finn Blum and Natasha Galo are proudly accepting their title as KWHS’s 2022 ‘Unsung Hero.’ Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Unsung Hero: Finn Blum and Natasha Galo

By Sadie Dodds

This year, the 2022 senior class decided to finally shine the light on two rarely acknowledged but forever deserving students: Natasha Galo and Finn Blum. These exceptional students may not have been as known as some of their other peers for all that they do, but they were an easy pick for this “Unsung Hero” superlative.

Galo has been contributing to our campus since her freshman year in everything from the Conchettes to the 2022 Executive Board. She later joined NHS, the marching and concert band, Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, and so much more. She has also become a brilliant leader in both peer mentoring and in her role as this year’s Conchette Captain.

Blum has been a part of various activities throughout high school as well, such as the swim team, track and field team, and the Drama Club. 

Next year, Galo plans to attend the University of Central Florida and major in microbiology and molecular genetics with the goal of earning a Ph.D. and becoming a geneticist, continuing her progress into a brilliant and hopefully more recognized person. Finn too has lofty goals as he will be attending Ringling College of Art and Design to major in film, hopefully becoming a film director one day.

Galo is not just a hero in all that she has joined but also in her reaction to earning this award. Forever humble, she said “I was just in the parking lot and heard the announcement as I was leaving school. I was very shocked and didn’t even know which superlative I received until someone texted me.”

(L-R) Jonibek Muhsinov and Sadie Dodds are studying in the KWHS library. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Most Intellectual: Jonibek Muhsinov and Sadie Dodds

By Ella Hall

Being recognized for your abilities isn’t just a privilege at Key West High School (KWHS), but also an appreciation from your graduating class. Jonibek Muhsinov and Sadie Dodds have been voted by their peers as the most intellectual of the KWHS class of 2022. Using their academic talent, Muhsinov and Dodds have used their skill throughout high school to succeed in all areas of life. “I think the superlative is a bit of an overstatement, but nonetheless I am thankful and honored for the award,” disclosed Muhsinov. “Personally, I think [this] superlative fits me best.”

When receiving the superlative, Muhsinov and Dodds were shocked. “The whole [process] was pretty fast in general so barely anyone [campaigned],” explained Dodds. Seeing herself as a ‘nobody’ at KWHS, Dodds had no faith in being noticed for a superlative. “I never even considered wanted – let alone winning – a superlative.” 

Although Muhsinov and Dodds had some doubts about this award, their academic resume adds to why the KWHS student body sees them as the best fit for this superlative. 

Currently, with a 4.69 weighted GPA, Muhsinov has been involved with Mu Alpha Theta, Z-Club, Academic Challenge, Chess Club, the KWHS Morning Announcements, and Mock Trial throughout his years at KWHS. In addition, he created a tutoring club that provides to people in need of academic help and is also involved in the Keys Tutoring organization. 

Standing with a 4.59 weighted GPA, Dodds is involved in various clubs throughout high school like Muhsinov. She is a Demerit Board officer on the Conchettes dance team, president of Mu Alpha Theta, co-founder & co-president of Model U.N., parliamentarian of National Honor Society, member of Z-Club, and co-editor in chief of The Snapper, the KWHS school newspaper. 

Muhsinov will be attending the University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2022 and plans to major in neuroscience, using his degree to study autism in the future. Dodds has committed to George Washington University to major in English in the fall as well. 

No matter where they go in life, Muhsniov and Dodds will always carry one thing with them: Conch Pride. “Conch Pride means overall dedication and resilience, as well as performing to the best of your abilities,” stated Muhsinov. Likewise, Dodds said, “I know it’s super cheesy, but I’m always in awe of how connected everyone is here and I love to feel a part of that connection.”

(R) Kenneth Vilchez-Rodriguez is holding open the door for (L) Breanna Allen. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Most Courteous: Kenneth Vilchez-Rodriguez and Breanna Allen

By Ella Hall

Although athletics and intellect are praised throughout high school, kindness is a key trait that is overlooked by students. This tool allows students to be role models in practicing the act of affection towards others, showing others that kindness is the right way to go. For the Key West High School (KWHS) Class of 2022, the most courteous are Kenneth Vilchez-Rodriguez and Breanna Allen. 

Thinking that their acts of kindness were taken for granted, Vilchez-Rodriguez and Allen were surprised that they were chosen for this award. “I’m not the most popular, intelligent, sporty person. Heck I’m not even known that much around school,” explained Vilchez-Rodriguez. “I believe that to be chosen for most courteous you’d have to be kind and well-mannered to the people around you, [as I am to my peers].” Allen thinks she received this superlative because she doesn’t like to be mean to people and loves to help others out. 

Vilchez-Rodriguez and Allen put other people before themselves on a daily basis, showing that they go out of the way to make people’s day. “I care a lot about others and I choose to be kind towards people, even those I do not know,” stated Allen. 

Vilchez-Rodriguez and Allen have been heavily involved with extracurricular activities throughout their four years of high school, using their acts of courtesy in each. Vilchez-Rodriguez is a part of the chess club, book club, Beta Club, Thespian Society, Model UN, and recently joined the creative writing club. Allen was a part of the softball team from freshman to junior year but continued being a member of the girls’ weightlifting team and the 2022 Executive Board throughout high school. 

After graduation, Vilchez-Rodriguez plans on attending the College of the Florida Keys (CFK) for two years and then transferring to a university up north for the other two. Likewise, Allen plans on attending CFK, later hoping to become a preschool teacher in the future. 

No matter where they go in life, Vilchez-Rodriguez and Allen will be taking their Conch Pride with them, using it in their new college life and later adulthood. “…to display Conch Pride you’d have to [be] a great student and a good person. To show that, you would have to excel in school and take an active part in the community,” disclosed Vilchez-Rodriguez.

(L-R) Mercedes Petro and Chris Saunders are honored to be the ‘Best Looking’ for the KWHS class of 2022. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Best Looking: Chris Saunders and Mercedes Petro

By Grayson Acevedo       

In what is a fan favorite award, best looking has returned for yet another set of winners this year. The Key West High School (KWHS) class of 2022 winners of this award were Chris Saunders and Mercedes Petro. 

                Chris played basketball for his four-year career in high school and is a member of the Executive Board, Beta, Student Council, and the Florida Christian Athletes. Chris plans to attend the College of the Florida Keys for two years before transferring to Florida State University, where he plans to study kinesiology. 

Although Chris won best looking he said he thought best all-around would fit him better if he were to win any other award. When asked why he thought he qualified for the award he said “Because I care about how I look to others.” He also said he was not surprised to win the award when it was announced. 

Chris will take his Conch Pride no matter where he goes in life. “I display conch pride by being proud of where I’m from and giving my best in the things I do. Conch pride means to preserve.” 

                Mercedes is a member of Z-Club, Chess Club, Executive Board, a volunteer at soccer camps, and also a volunteer at community fitness events. Mercedes plans to go to Webber University and will be playing soccer in her tenure there. She also plans to major in sports performance and sports management. 

When asked how she felt about winning the award she said, “I was shocked to win if I’m being honest.”

 Mercedes will also be taking her Conch Pride with her after graduation. “I display conch pride by being passionate in school events, especially in sports, as well as competing in them. I feel like conch pride represents pride and passion for Key West and the traditions of our town.”

(L-R) Carli Morell and Michael “Gus” Wilson are celebrating being the wittiest at KWHS. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Wittiest: Michael “Gus” Wilson and Carli Morell

Jack Molder

One of the highest honors at Key West High School (KWHS) is knowing that you’re able to make everyone around you laugh with your humor. For the class of 2022, the wittiest award went to Carli Morell and Michael “Gus” Wilson. 

Gus throughout his high school career has been involved in many extracurricular activities such as lacrosse during his first two years. He has over 120 hours of community service hours from helping the Key West Youth Lacrosse League and Botanical Gardens. Gus has been a member of the National Honor Society, 2022 Executive Board, Student Council, and has been the announcer for the girls and boys lacrosse games for the past two years. 

Gus plans on attending Auburn University in the fall and majoring in journalism. He wants to become a sports journalist for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) when he grows up. 

“I think my superlative fits me very well because I try my best to make people laugh and smile…” Gus says that his ability to make anyone laugh and smile is what qualified him to be chosen. Although he was quite surprised when he heard his name called for the superlative. 

Conch Pride is a very important thing to Gus as he shows it whenever he’s able to. “I display Conch Pride by showing up to as many school events as I can and cheering for the Conchs any way possible”. 

Throughout her years at KWHS, Carli’s been involved in numerous activities such as competition cheer and sideline cheer, where she was co-captain her junior year and captain her senior year. She’s a part of the class of 2022 Executive Board and yearbook. She’s volunteered in the community numerous times whether it was coaching cheer or assisting concession stands at Key West High School games. 

Carli plans on attending Tallahassee Community College and then transferring to Florida State University to study child development/psychology on the pre-law track and hopes to become a juvenile defender in the future. 

“I don’t think any other superlative fits me better than wittiest.” Carli says it’s the fact that she’s always trying to make someone laugh and always has a joke up her sleeve. She believes that if you are always smiling and laughing, then you are always happy. When Carli received her superlative she says she was extremely happy. 

Conch Pride to Carli is always being proud of your community and supporting it as well. “As a cheerleader, I display my conch pride in many ways such as wearing our team colors and cheering during any community event or sports game that’s going on.”

(L-R) Mohina Rakhmonova and Alex Duran are showing off their winning cars. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Best Car: Alex Duran and Mohina Rakhmonova

By Ella Hall

Alex Duran and Mohina Rakhmonova have shown up to school in style since they have got their driver’s licenses, and as voted by the Key West High School (KWHS) class of 2022, Duran and Rakhmonova have the best cars. 

Duran has put a lot of dedication into modifying and building his car the way he always wanted it to be throughout high school. “I feel my superlative fits me because I am very passionate about cars and I have put a lot of time and effort into my [ride],” explained Duran. 

When it came to winning the award, Duran was not surprised. He said that he was “excited but expected to win” and really feels that he “has the best ride at the [high] school.” 

Rakhmonova has been heavily involved in activities at KWHS since freshman year, such as being a part of the varsity girls basketball team, and dedicating community service to tutoring and coaching the Police Athletic League. However, Duran states that he “hasn’t really been involved in much throughout the years…” 

After high school, Duran hopes to pursue a career in cyber security in the future. Rakhmonova plans on attending Warner University, still deciding on her major for her bachelor’s degree.

No matter where they go in life, Duran and Rakhmonova will take a trait along the ride: Conch Pride. “I try my best to display Conch Pride by attending pep rallies and other high school events,” disclosed Duran. “To me, Conch Pride means that you are proud to be a Key West Conch.” Rakhmonova has displayed Conch Pride by “being a student-athlete as a role model on and off the court.”

(L-R) Alexander Wilson and Hunter Rogers-Leon are proud to be the best duo for the class of 2022. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Dynamic Duo: Alexander Wilson and Hunter Rogers-Leon 

By Emily Bracher 

Whether it’s Tom and Jerry, Cheech and Chong, or even Spongebob and Patrick, everyone has their favorite dynamic duo. In 2022, Key West High School’s favorite seems to be Alexander Wilson and Hunter Rogers-Leon, the two securing the Dynamic Duo superlative. The two have an impressive bond as they have been friends for over 10 years and have remained close throughout all of them. 

Alexander Wilson has racked up a list of impressive extracurriculars such as being the president of Interact club, a member of the district championship-winning and top five in the state Academic Challenge team, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, One World One Canvas, and Sydney’s Hope Project. Outside of school, he has been a tutor at the Keys Learning Center since freshman year, serving as head Tutor this year. 

Alexander plans on attending the University of Florida where he will study cognitive/behavioral neuroscience so he can one day be a cognitive researcher. 

“Considering Hunter and I have been pretty iconic best friends since 3rd grade, I feel like this superlative first for sure,” Alexander explained, “The comical pictures back from elementary school show how long we have been friends.” 

“Although I originally was hoping to be voted Most Intellectual, I would say I’m definitely happy to be a part of Co’22’s Dynamic Duo,” he says, “When We found out we won dynamic Duo, we were thrilled and quite surprised. There are a lot of really great students and duos here at KWHS, so we were definitely grateful.” 

The other half of this duo is Hunter Rogers-Leon, who also spent a great deal of his time at KWHS participating in extracurricular activities. These include the same Academic Challenge team as Alexander, National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, Chess Club, and he is the current secretary of Interact Club. 

Hunter is fully committed to the University of Florida where he is undecided on his major but plans on minoring in music. 

“I was ecstatic when they announced that Alexander and I won the title of Dynamic Duo. I felt as though there was no better-fitting superlative,” Hunter explained, “I figure people have seen us together in many social and academic places around campus even since we were freshmen.” 

“I have [known] Alexander [as] my best friend since we were both in third grade at the Basilica School,” he shared, “We have truly come a long way as students and as people and have been there for each other through and every one of our success and setbacks.”

For our school’s dynamic duo, “Conch Pride” has grown with them and to Alexander, it is, “trying to be good throughout the happy days and the sad ones.” To Hunter, it means “being able to own and live true to each and every part of yourself.”

(L-R) Jeremiah “Jay” Osborne and Kaila Kirkpatrick are performing a TikTok Dance. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Most Likely to Become TikTok Famous: Jeremiah “Jay” Osborne and Kaila Kirkpatrick

By Jack Molder and Emma Scepkova

The popular social media app, TikTok, has redefined this generation and created an opportunity for anyone to gain worldwide fame. This year the seniors of Key West High School (KWHS) came to an agreement that Kaila Kirkpatrick and Jeremiah Osborne are most likely to become TikTok famous one day. 

As Vice President of the Class of 2022 Executive Board, Yearbook editor, cheerleading captain, and varsity soccer goalie for the past four years of high school, Kirkpatrick has been extremely involved during her time at KWHS, but what compelled her fellow classmates to vote for her to win this superlative is the fact that she already went viral on TikTok.

 In 2020, one of Kaila’s TikTok videos amassed over six million views and received over one-and-a-half million likes.  Upon receiving the superlative, Kirkpatrick commented, “I was surprised that people even remembered that I went viral.” 

Kaila plans on attending Penn State University to major in political science in hopes of one day going to law school. When asked if she thinks her superlative fits her best, Kaila states, “I mean I went viral on TikTok one time so yes.” She thinks it’s surprising that people even remembered her video happening. 

Kaila displays Conch Pride through everything at school, she’s always helping her class with school events and graduation. When asked what conch pride means to her, she disclosed, “Conch pride to me represents caring for your community and helping those who need it.” 

Up next selected for the superlative is Jeremiah “Jay” Osborne. Jay has participated in Beta Club, Student Council, Executive Board, and has coached 10u Key West hospitality at the Conch little league field. Jay was a captain of the football team during his junior and senior years. Jay plans on continuing his football and educational career at Webber University, he plans to major in criminal justice and one day become a bounty hunter. 

When asked if he thinks this superlative fits him, Jay said, “Personally I do, everyone around the school has gotten to know who I am and see the other side of me and I kinda blew up a little bit during covid.” He didn’t really think that there was any other superlative that would fit him better other than most athletic. 

Jay says that he received this superlative because he’s very well known around the school and that everyone likes his sense of humor. On asked if he was shocked by receiving this superlative “I kinda was shocked but I knew if I got anything I would’ve gotten that one.” 

Jay displays conch pride as being a leader and showing the younger people the ropes and teaching them, at every game you will see Jay carrying the conch republic flag with him. “Conch pride means a strong community that sticks together throughout everything even with the history and doesn’t let the outsiders come and rule what we have planted.”

(L-R) Baylie Brewer and Connor Lee lost their ‘lottery ticket’ in the KWHS courtyard. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket: Connor Lee and Baylie Brewer

By Ella Hall

Connor Lee and Baylie Brewer finally had their clumsiness come in handy this time as the Key West High School’s (KWHS) class of 2022 voted them as the ‘most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket.’ “I wouldn’t say my superlative fits me as a person, to be honest,” stated Lee. “Yes there have been instances where I forgot certain things or space out but more often than not I’m level-headed and have a pretty solid grasp on whatever I’m doing.” However, Brewer said that she was “kind of shocked [but] didn’t doubt it.”

When receiving the superlative, both Lee and Brewer thought it was comedic. “When I actually received my superlative I just thought it was funny. [As] I said, there have certainly been instances where I’ve spaced out or forgot certain things,” disclosed Lee. 

Both Lee and Brewer have been heavily involved in activities throughout their years at KWHS. Lee has been involved with the National Honor Society, 2022 Executive Board, and has helped around the KWHS front office during the summer. Brewer has been a part of the Beta Club, Student Council, 2022 Executive Board, golf team, softball team, the treasurer for the HOSA Club, and has over 300 hours with Reef Relief, an organization that helps the Florida Keys coral reefs and marine life. 

Although they might not win the lottery, both students have bright futures ahead of them. Brewer will be attending Tallahassee Community College (TCC) for two years and then transfer to Florida State University (FSU), majoring in biology and later pursuing to be a physician assistant. Lee will be attending the University of Florida to major in information systems, later wanting to have a career as an analyst. 

For Lee and Brewer, Conch Pride is a treasure that each will cherish forever, no matter how big or small the meaning is to them. 

“Conch pride to me means setting an example. Being selfless is another good way to put it,” explained Lee. Basically just doing good out of the kindness of your heart rather than expecting a return of some form.”

To Brewer, Conch Pride means more about the support around her. “Conch Pride to me [is] knowing that I have a great family surrounding me growing in key west,” stated Brewer. “KWHS [has] taught me a lot and has greatly prepared me for the future.”

(L-R) Daniel Boggs and Carissa Haughey are showing off their eyes. Photo Provided by KWHS Yearbook

Best Eyes: Daniel Boggs and Carissa Haughey

By Emma Scepkova

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but two students at Key West High School (KWHS) have been chosen to have the most beautiful eyes. Daniel Boggs and Carissa Haughey were chosen as the seniors with the best eyes in the KWHS class of 2022.

There have been many ways people have been able to catch a glimpse of these gorgeous eyes through their involvement in the community at KWHS. Haughey has been engaged in many activities such as the Z-Club, National Honor Society (NHS), Drama Club, Art of the World, cross country, track, and soccer. Boggs also has been pretty involved at KWHS, especially environment-based clubs such as Team Blu and community service clubs such as NHS.

Upon discovering they earned this award, Boggs and Haughey were surprised. Boggs shared, “I honestly believed everyone had an equal shot at earning this, but it isn’t until you actually make eye contact with someone to decide on something like that.” The eyes are the window into the soul and eye contact allows the true qualities of the person behind the eyes. Haughey elaborated, “I do think I speak with my eyes a lot and am very animated when I talk so in a way my eyes do contribute to my personality.”

Haughey will be attending the University of Miami after graduation, hoping to major in marketing and film. Meanwhile, Boggs is currently undecided about where his future takes him, but he knows everything will turn out how it’s supposed to be.

Haughey and Boggs’ eyes were able to convey the conch pride inside of them. Haughey  explained, “Conch pride is radiating positivity towards our school and contributing to our school events and getting excited for them.” Likewise, Boggs states, “I try to keep in tune with how I treat others as rationally as they should be treated, and try to be as respectful and friendly as I can, giving everyone an equal chance. Conch pride to me involves the mindset of not debunking anyone’s values or beliefs, and treating everyone the same regardless of politics, religion, color, or views.”

Wherever their future leads, the Conch Pride and positivity seen in Haughey and Boggs’ eyes will follow them wherever they go. 

Sophia Wardlow is excited to be graduating in the Class of 2022 this year. Photo Provided by Sophia Wardlow

Best Shoulder to Cry On: Andrew Kaye and Sophia Wardlow

By Gus Wilson

One of the new superlatives that the senior class voted on this year was “Best Shoulder to Cry On”. This superlative was given to the seniors who were there the most for their friends.  The recipients of the superlative for the class of 2022 were Andrew Kaye and Sophia Wardlow, as voted on by their peers.

“When I heard my name I was confused, but sort of happy that I get something funny to tell people in the future,” Kaye joked. He also explained, “I like to be there for my friends when I can.” During his four years at the high school, Kaye was a member of the wakeboard team. He also said, “I think I’m just a likable person, I hope, so nobody’s ever really held any grudges on me.” After he graduates, he plans on attending Hillsborough Community College to major in some sort of medical field and pursue in a way to make money by playing music with his friends.

Sophia Wardlow expressed, “I think my superlative fits my person because people always come to me if they need someone to talk to when they are feeling down.” She continued by saying, “I feel like you have to be a nice and understanding person who can see everyone’s sides of stories and make people feel wanted.” Wardlow will attend Tallahassee Community College in the fall to earn her AA degree and transfer to Florida State University (FSU) to major in education or business. She also explained, “I think I received this superlative because I am a nice person and I don’t judge people.”

Congratulations to Sophia Wardlow and Andrew Kaye for winning “Best Shoulder to Cry On”. We wish both of them the best in their future endeavors.

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