2022 KWHS Senior Superlatives

Best All-Around: Robert Malcom and Rosa Nafrere By Emily Bracher  As one of the highest honors Key West High School (KWHS) can bestow, the Best All-Around superlative calls for the best of the best. This year, for the 2022 school year, the well-deserved recipients were Rosa Nafrere and Robert Malcom. Throughout her high school career, Rosa Nafrere has been more than involved in multiple extracurricular … Continue reading 2022 KWHS Senior Superlatives

Encanto Wins Best Animated Feature Film

After nearly two of the worst years in recent history, we could all use a bit of magic. So when Lin Manuel Miranda released the magic that is Encanto late this past November, people were quick to devour and praise it. In fact, the movie was recently awarded the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film of 2021. The movie follows the adventures of … Continue reading Encanto Wins Best Animated Feature Film