Karine Jean-Pierre is the 1st Black White House Press Secretary

By: Tricia Desroches

Karine Jean- Pierre will be the first black White House press secretary as well as the first openly lesbian to take this position. She will take the place of current press secretary Jen Psaki starting on May 13, 2022. Jean-Pierre is already familiar with working in the White House already, as she has been the White House’s principal deputy press secretary since the beginning of Joe Biden’s presidency. 

Jean-Pierre went to the School of International and Public Affairs, New York Institute of Technology, and Columbia University. Jean-Pierre enjoyed working with Psaki.  “She has been just a wonderful colleague, a friend, a mentor, during this past year and a half and I don’t think I would be here without so many people, but including her, and she is just just a truly solid, amazing person,” Jean-Pierre said. She has been in the room when Psaski would do a briefing, so she knows what the job entails. She has also had to take Psaki’s place while she had Covid, so she has done the job before, and getting used to the new position shouldn’t take long. 

Psaki had said that she was only going to stay on the job for one year, and before recently, nobody knew who her replacement would be. A popular name that came up wherever they were trying to figure out her replacement was John Kirby. Obviously, we know now who got chosen. Her getting chosen for this position means that she will be representing many people that look like her or have the same beliefs as her.

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