Best Starter Cars for Teens 

       By: Sophia Powell 

  The minute most teens turn 16, their first thoughts are getting a car. Some teens want to buy their own car with their own money, others’ parents buy them a car. Most kids of course want a nice car, but not everybody can afford one. These are the perfect, safest, and most reliable starter cars for teens according to

  1. Honda Civic – Between $10,000 and $30,000, a 2012-2016 Honda Civic is the perfect car for a teen. This Civic provides amazing safety, newer features, is very reliable, and provides a great resale value if you ever want to get a different car! People like Civics so much because the repair costs are very low, their fantastic fuel economy (averages about 31 mpg), and the ninth generation in 2012 received a 5-star overall rating from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration ( NHTSA).
  1. Toyota Camry – Since Camrys are one of the best-selling cars in the nation, it is quite hard to find one without an excessive amount of miles on it for under $10,000. Most Camry owners keep their cars for a large amount of time.  The best and most reliable Camry is a 2011, that has an estimate of 22 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. The 2011 Camry has features like a six-speed automatic transmission, and a three-year, 36,000 miles warranty. Like the Civic, the Camry was also on (NHTSA)’s list and received a 5-star overall rating. 
  2. Hyundai Sonata – The best Sonata is the 2011 model that offers a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty, an estimated 34 mpg, and a hybrid version of the car that offers even better fuel efficiency. The Sonata has also won a 5-star overall rating from (NHTSA) as well as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick for all generations of the Sonatas except the 2014 model. However, according to some Sonata owners from, the Sonata has multiple issues, including faulty speakers and seized engines. Used Sonata prices range from $10,000-$20,000.
  3. Nissan Altima – Although it’s not the best car on this list, it is by far the most popular and one of the most purchased cars on the list. People really enjoy this car for many reasons, for example, the 2014 model offers more of a modern interior compared to other cars and provides Bluetooth connectivity, a key remote with engine start, and a four-cylinder engine. The newer 2016 model Altima features a rearview camera. It is hard to find a new Altima that doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of miles on it for a cheap price.
  4. Volkswagen Jetta – Volkswagen’s Jetta sedan is the smallest made by the company. Prices for a used one start at $10,000 and under. However, prices may vary depending on the features that the car has. The older model has features like backup camera, keyless access, a hybrid mode. Although it did not receive a 5-star overall rating from (NHTSA) it was a IIHS Top Safety Pick. All of the Jettas also come with vehicle-to-vehicle front crash prevention. 

These are all amazing options for a first car for teens and all have different features of their own, but, the car you buy for your teen should definitely have more extra safety features. Your teen may not prefer any of these options, but you should do your research before making a decision.

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