Key West Boat Races

By: Summer Livengood

In Florida, once a year, speed boat racers come to Key West and race through an obstacle course. This year’s race was the 39th annual boat race; over 10-speed boat racers came down. Key West did have some discussion about covid restrictions, but their decisions were made and said they wouldn’t be forcing masks. There were some difficulties, however. 

On Friday night, right before the races, an unknown person or people were seen rearranging the track. The track was moved and switched around making the course unable to race. The boat trackers had to go and rearrange the course back to its original shape. When I first heard about this, I knew I had to have a detailed look at the course. In this questioning, there were thoughts on what happened and why someone would do this. They made it seem that a man/woman took a boat out due to the anger they have over the tourists and noise. This backs up boat traffic for miles. They also said there have been some nature lovers that said it is hurting the wildlife.

Due to ocean wildlife, there have been mandatory arrangements made. The turtle hospital has a member go into a helicopter and scope from the above, making sure no turtles enter the course. If a turtle is to come into the course they will stop the boats right away. In case of a fire in one of the boats, they have multiple rescue boats that are equipped with hoses and fire extinguishers. In case of other accidents, they have teams to rescue the boaters. 

There was an accident in the race; a boat had gone off the track and flipped, and the driver and co-driver were freed and safe. The boat was towed to shore and their boat had many damages. The drivers were checked for any injuries once they reached land, and there was a concussion. There were many discussions on what happened there were transmission issues.  All were overpowered and the wind caught it. 

They plan to keep the race going on for the 39th year. They will be making changes to the course and adding new things and protocols. Hopefully having better years ahead.

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