Rosa Nafrere takes the crown

On November 5th at the Key West High School (KWHS) Backyard, the wait was finally over to announce KWHS’s 2021 Homecoming Queen: Rosa Nafrere. The crowd was cheering louder for the crown on her head than the football game itself. “I was overwhelmed with so many kinds of emotions,” said Nafrere. “I was both shocked and excited when I heard Dr. Schmiegel, [the principal at KWHS], announced my name through the microphone.” 

Rosa Nafrere and Dr. Larry Schmiegel are celebrating the crown and cape Nafrere earned on November 5th. Photo Provided by Ella Hall

As the Class of 2022 Executive Board president, Beta Club president, Student Council vice president, Key West Sustainability board member, Boys & Girls Club board member, Girl’s Weightlifting team manager, and a part of Interact Club, Z-Club, Peer Mentoring, and Chess Club, you would think that attempting to win Homecoming Queen would be too much on her plate. However, her full plate helped her get the crown. “…the decision was made by the student body, so it was [fully] up to them, but I would say that being involved in the school for the past couple of years was probably one of the reasons,” explained Nafrere. 

Across KWHS, Conch Pride is what all students have in common, but as a Homecoming Queen, you not only just represent the school’s Conch Pride, but the city’s. Based on Nafrere’s school and community participation, she fits the qualification like a glove. 

Adding on to her Conch Pride, Nafrere sold the school with other traits that made her stand out on the Homecoming Court. “…my kindness is one of my traits that scream Homecoming Queen,” stated Nafrere, “I think the way I treat everyone is one of my best [features].” Some more of her exceptional qualities include integrity, selflessness, responsibility, and enthusiasm. 

Growing up in Key West, Nafrere has watched this town’s long-running tradition since she was young, dreaming of a moment where she can be the “Lady in White,” another name for Homecoming Queen. “I have grown up watching the KWHS girls be on the court, and it was definitely one of my biggest dreams to be in their shoes,” said Nafrere. 

Although the KWHS students voted Nafrere as their new reigning queen, every girl on the court was worthy as well to wear the crown and cape. “I definitely think any one of the five girls would make more than exceptional Homecoming Queens,” explained Nafrere. “They all display Conch Pride, and it was truly a pleasure to bond with these girls for the past seven weeks.” 

Rosa Nafrere and the 2021 Homecoming Court are savoring their last moments in their white dresses on November 5th. Photo Provided by Rosa Nafrere (@roro.rosaaa)

Even though Nafrere won the title, she couldn’t have done it alone. “I would like to start off by thanking my mom, Marie Nafrere for being my biggest supporter throughout this whole journey, as well as the Homecoming Committee: Mrs. Saunders, Mrs. Oropeza, and Mrs. Yvette for guiding me through the whole experience, stated Nafrere. She continues, “Ms. Cassamayor for spending countless hours doing my hair and makeup, my escort Alexander Wilson for sharing this experience with me, and the student body for giving me this once and a lifetime opportunity.”

Nafrere will always be KWHS’s 71st Homecoming Queen, and we’re excited to see who will become her predecessor next year and for years to come.

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