The Big Reveal of the KWHS 2021 Homecoming Queen

As the reveal of Key West High School’s (KWHS) 2021 Homecoming Queen gets closer, the students have anticipated the Friday night football game more than usual. Besides seeing if the football team will make it to the play-offs, during half-time, our queen will be announced by the principal of KWHS, Dr. Larry Schmiegel. 

On Monday, November 1st, the traditional Homecoming Parade kick-started Homecoming Spirit Week. The route started at KWHS and ended at the Tommy Roberts Memorial Football Stadium. The parade gives the community a way to view all the court members and have fun with the KWHS students and staff. If you missed the festivities of the parade, click here.

All six Homecoming Court members and their escorts were excited to be featured in the infamous KWHS Homecoming Parade on Monday, November 1st. Photo Provided by @kwhsstuco

Compared to previous years, there is more of a variety of Conch culture across the homecoming court. Ranging from cheerleader to band kid to even the Class of 2022 president, each Lady Conch represents a part of the school and a part of our Conch Pride. 

Due to the uniqueness of each nominee, it is hard to tell who will win the big title. Each woman nominated by their class deserves to win, but the ultimate decision comes from the whole school. It is not only a bragging right to say that you represent the student body’s Conch Pride but having a diamond tiara on your head and labeled the “Lady in White,” another name for the Homecoming Queen, is also a pretty good plus.

After listening to the speeches this year, it was difficult for students to pick which one was the best. Rosa Naferre, one of the girls on the court, included in her speech how she found her place at KWHS through trial and error. However, Charlotte Berube-Gray, another lady on the court, explained her process of becoming herself and reaching out to new people. All the speeches were amazing and unique in their way. Knowing that they all came from the heart is what makes picking one queen a challenge. 

Voting happened on Thursday, November 4th during all history classes. Stacy Saunders, the Activities Director at KWHS, stated helpful advice during the Homecoming speeches, “When you vote for Homecoming Queen, you should vote for the person who you feel best represents Conch Pride.” As the voting sessions concluded, the final result is prepared to be shown on Friday for game day. 

If you want to see the big reveal live, come out to the football game on today, November 5th at 7:00 pm in the KWHS Backyard, or go to the KWHS Live YouTube channel. Make sure to wear neon in the stands to support our Fighting Conchs, the KWHS football team.

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