Australia reopens to International travel

The Australian Government has officially reopened the country for international air and sea travel to the country after 2 years of some of the most intense travel restrictions amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Many families who had been traveling overseas were stuck outside of their home country, and some had reportedly been trying to get back into Australia since the day the travel closure was announced. The Australian government decided to reopen its international air borders because of the forthcoming of the recent COVID-19 vaccine and its boosters. There were also some economic reasons for the reopening of the country’s air travel, as the lack of tourists meant havoc for many small Australian businesses and towns which were mainly dependent on tourism for their economy, much like Key West. During the Lock-down, Australian citizens pleaded to Australian Premier Mark McGowan, with one pleading “Mark, think of the people that are suffering, like, mentally to see their family. That’s also a health issue”. Some Citizens had to wait 5 months so their application to visit Australia was reviewed and accepted by the Government. 

Group of people walking the halls of Canberra Intl. Airport (Getty Images)

With the reopening of its international borders, Australia is also expected to begin lowering mask mandates across the country. Australian Government officials are also likely to begin debating on lowering any remaining restrictions or lock-downs in the country as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many travelers at Canberra Intl. Airport were greeted by family members or messages from airport staff welcoming them back into the country. Some Australian civilians were unsure of the action, however, the government assured them that nothing will occur and no outbreaks should happen as a result. Premier Mark McGowan said on the issue,  “We’ve seen much of this concern over the course of the last two years”. Thailand also reopened their Borders after 2 years of closure, coinciding with the Australian reopening.

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