Allergies explained.


Around 10-30% of all humans are shown to suffer from an allergy. Most are developed at young ages and can be grown out depending on severeness. Others are not, but why do these intolerances form? New research has shown that women are more likely to develop allergies because of the genetic differences between genders, and food allergies range from different categories and statistics. Reactions can start at a simple itch or upset stomach to a trip to the hospital involving an EpiPen. 

  The top 8 allergens are dairy(milk), eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, soy, and gluten/wheat. 1 in 13 children are allergic to something, which is almost 2 kids per classroom depending on class size. Allergens can form at birth and also come out of nowhere. By adulthood, it’s shown 20% of people with food allergies will have grown out of them or have become less extreme. However, the peanut/tree nuts allergy is most common and is one of the hardest to grow out of. Due to the crazy common peanut allergies, airlines have stopped serving peanuts on flights because of how serious it can be to some. Personally, I have been allergic to things since a young age, but I’ve grown out of things and also grew into more allergies over the years. Right now, it is just eggs and peanuts, but they have progressively gotten less severe over time. 

   Food allergies have become more common in the last couple years, going from a 3% to a 7%. Not only is the rate is increasing, but also the foods that people are being allergic to are widening.  Scientific theories have been formed for why these allergies are so common and not well cured, but no one knows for sure. The cure is not available yet but there are things to help improve the immune system to be able to tolerate the foods better. Some say certain people are more prone to developing these intolerances, such as coming from being passed down by a family member, gut problems, and other health issues can have parts in the forming of them. Sometimes the body can become more immune to eating the foods if consumed often at a young age to get the cells used to the new food, however, there are some cases in which the reactions are immediate when first eating as early as a baby.

The dangers of allergic reactions are very high. Not all are dangerous, but lots are very severe. Reactions are as little as a skin irritation to an anaphylaxis throat closing scenario and the reactions can be unpredictable. For example, a few months ago my mom bought me a muffin from a local cafe downtown. She mistakenly forgot to ask if they contained eggs or not, egg is one of my most severe allergies and I do have an epipen for it but it is never carried around with us. Thankfully I never took a huge bite out of it, only a nibble from the top. After the little nibble my tongue and throat began to itch from just the slightest bit of egg. Allergies are really not a joke and not everyone understands that. Many kids at schools need to be aware of the dangers of kids with allergies and how to prevent big reactions from occuring.

To end the topic of allergies, the reality is that food allergies are extremely common and many people have them. The chances of you having one are very likely and you just haven’t found out yet, or barely react. All there is to hope for is that hopefully a cure or help method to food allergies will be developed in the future.

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