Top Three Games of the Week

Browns @ Bengals: 

The Browns haven’t looked how they were supposed to look, they’re currently 4-4 at the bottom of the AFC North. They started off the year red hot 3-1, they’ve lost three out of their last four games. Baker Mayfield has had an injured shoulder the past few weeks and has still shown good play. They have the league leader in sacks in Myles Garrett who’s one of the front runners for defensive player of the year. The Bengals just had their first embarrassing loss of the season losing to the Jets. The Jets starting quarterback had his first career start and threw for over 400 yards against one of the top defenses. Both the Browns and the Bengals will have to see if they can manage to bounce back this week. The Browns are +3 point underdogs against the Bengals this week.

Packers @ Chiefs: 

Aaron Rodgers has shown the league why he was named MVP last year, he showed everybody that he doesn’t even need his top 3 wide receivers to win. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers just came off of their biggest win of the season yet by beating the 7-0 cardinals. The Chiefs on the other hand have not looked like they have in recent years. The Chiefs have started off the year 4-4 this season, after just squeaking out a Monday night win against the 2-6  New York Giants. The Chiefs lead the league in turnovers with 19, the next closest team to that amount have 13. People this year have been wondering throughout the season if Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs are finished being the top team in the league. The Chiefs are a -0.5 favorite to win this game at home. 

Titans @ Rams: 

After Derrick Henry’s possible season ending foot injury the Titans are signing veteran running back Adrian Peterson to the practice squad and then evaluating him to the main roster. Fans across the league will be seeing if Derrick Henry being sidelined from the field will have a big effect on the Titans moving forward. Ryan Tannehill will have to step up to a bigger role of this offense throughout the weeks that Henry is gone. Ryan Tannehill is not gonna have a great time however since the Rams just acquired 8x Pro Bowl pass rusher Von Miller vea trade from the Broncos. The defense was scary enough with just Aaron Donald in it, but now offenses are going to have to deal with Von Miller coming off the edge. The Rams Super Bowl odds this season have skyrocketed due to this transaction and everybody is looking to see them make a run this season. The Rams are -7.5 point favorites to win this game.

Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

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