Connecting Through Communication

Communication is key to unlocking successful connections between friends, family, and strangers.

For many, human connections are a necessity for people to thrive both physically and emotionally. Being able to communicate well with others allows bonds to be formed between people, no matter the distance.  

Devan Bittner, a junior at Key West High School (KWHS), expresses the importance of communication. “Communicating well makes life so much easier. It takes away so much stress and worry from what is going on in school, relationships, and just life.”

Communication is essential for creating connections between one another. Photo provided by

 However, sharing your feelings and emotions with others can be a challenge. Bittner elaborates, “I would definitely say communicating with others is difficult for me. I know what I want to say, but I have a hard time expressing it.”

An advanced English teacher at KWHS, Kelly Smoot, has used communication as a tool throughout her life, strengthening that tool over time. “As I have gotten older, I have realized that I need to be more direct in order to be clear. This is a struggle for me because I was raised to believe that being too direct was rude, so it always feels awkward to me,” stated Smoot “I also find that people have different ways of communicating, so words or phrases that seem obvious to me are unclear to them… ”

Although some individuals find communication as an obstacle, others can see it as a simple task. Daniel Boggs, a senior at KWHS, disagrees with the idea that communication is difficult. “… communication is typically extremely easy whether it’s with teachers, parents, friends, or even strangers. It may come easy due to my easy-going demeanor, but what makes communicating with these people easy is the absence… of any worries I have with them.” 

Being able to openly communicate not only strengthens relationships but can calm qualms. Boggs continues, “The ability to talk about any feelings I may have inside… helps clear my mind of anything that may constantly be on it, freeing it allows me to focus on other things.”

Whether you practice this or not, communication is healthy for both the mind and soul. With ease or great difficulty, people will continue to connect through communication. 

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