Animals being vaccinated for Covid-19

Recently animals have been testing positive for covid-19. The outbreak of this deadly virus was thought to only affect humans, but we have been proven wrong. Animals that are currently living in zoos are being infected with covid-19 because of how many people they are in contact with. Animals that have contracted covid-19 from close contact with infected humans are also experiencing the same symptoms. Some symptoms of covid-19 in animals may be fever, coughing, difficulty breathing, sneezing, and vomiting. These symptoms had become so bad that zoo keepers decided something needed to change. 

Zoos vaccinating their animals as a result of the covid outbreak effecting animals

Zoo keepers and scientists worked together to start getting animals vaccinated. Apes, monkeys, baboons, and tigers are some examples of the 48 species currently vaccinated for covid-19. The National Zoo is one of the many zoos giving out the vaccine to their animals. As vaccines were given to these animals, they were observed for a period of time and have had no after effects. These zoo animals have been given the first shot and many are going to receive two doses. 

At the Oakland Zoo in California, animals are also being given covid-19 vaccinations, with some already being fully vaccinated at this point in time. They have so far  vaccinated 50 animals at this point in time.

The San Diego Zoo was one of the first zoos to vaccinate one of their animals. The San Diego Zoo vaccinated apes in February, causing many zoos to want the vaccine given to their zoo’s animals as well.

At the Bronx zoo in New York, many animals contracted covid-19. As a result, they started the vaccination process. However, two lions sadly died from this deadly disease after testing positive for covid-19. 

The vaccine for animals was registered in Russia, and later shipped all around the world. They conducted many trials until finally they had a vaccine that gives antibodies to animals. These antibodies give immunity from covid-19 for six months.

As of now, there have been vaccinations in 70 zoos in total.  

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