KWHS JV Football stepping up

The 2-0 Junior Varsity (JV) high school football team, the Key West High School (KWHS) Conchs, played their third game this season on October 14th in the KWHS Backyard. Up against the Fighting Conchs, the University School, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, brought down their Shark spirit to our territory.

Representing the red, white, and grey, Shane Lavallee, a freshman at KWHS, was a star player on the field for Thursday’s game. His presence on the field wounded up the crowd, hearing the roars and chants of Conch Pride from the stands.

Shane Lavallee, a freshman at KWHS, is patiently waiting for a breakthrough in the Conchs play. Photo Provided by Ella Hall

From the sideline, each of the JV players had an “aggressive” yearn to win. Their competitive drive is something you see at the varsity level, ensuring good promise when they move on to varsity in the coming years.

John Hughes, the head coach of the KWHS football team, has trained the JV members to act like varsity since the beginning of the year, whether it’s mimicking the “Conch-Jacks,” or participating in their practices. Hughes has them set up to be the best athlete they can be.

When thinking of JV, I see this team as a “back to basics” for football. JV doesn’t necessarily count for district rankings, but it does benefit in one way: seeing where each player is. Coaches can see how each player develops and see which position best suits them on the field, contributing to the success of varsity games.

The KWHS JV football team running towards the University School after their kick-off. Photo Provided by Ella Hall

Regarding the last game, with a 21-27 score, a loss isn’t necessarily a negative impact. Each player gained something more valuable than a “bragging right,” but instead a learning experience to grow stronger and better than before.

I have hope that this JV team will form into great varsity players for many years to come for the Conchs. It will be exciting to see how this next football group will develop as players and people on and off the field.

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