Kansas City Chiefs Shocking Slow Start

One of the most consensus predictions coming into this season among most National Football League (NFL) fans was Patrick Mahomes leading the Chiefs with no time to waste time, and go back to their winning ways. However, that hasn’t been the case as it’s been a slow start for the Chiefs, marked by many clear issues that have held them back already for this year.

           An issue that has stuck with Kansas City the past few years is their lackluster defense.. This year it’s been much clearer with their lowest points allowed being 29 in week one against the Browns. The issue has forced them to rely on their offense, which has still been electric, but an easy issue to pinpoint is their turnovers. Clyde Edwards Helaire, the Chiefs running back, has had a very rough year, having crucial fumbles almost every game so far.

 Mahomes has also had his own share of turnovers, due to drops on his receivers leading to interceptions or him trying too hard to make a play and leading an  interception as well. The offense itself lost some weapons too, which has clearly affected the team as it has allowed defenses to double team Tyreek Hill, the Chiefs wide receiver, leaving some of the other young receivers and star tight end Travis Kelce, the Chiefs the tight end to try and step it up. While Kelce has done this the young receivers have failed to fill the shoes of Hill leaving a massive hole in the offense.  

However, if any team can improve and return to their top tier status, it is the Chiefs. It’s quite clear that either they need to clean up their act in areas where they are looking rough, or Mahomes will have to play some of the best football this league will have ever seen. Only time will tell if this team will brush off its early season stutters, or if it will stick for the rest of the NFL season.

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