Killer Plastic

We use plastic every day. Some water bottles are made with plastic as well as phone cases, and other day to day items. More than 380 million tons of plastic is made a year, which is a lot of plastic. The average person uses 5 grams of plastic a day, and consumes over 200 tiny particles of plastic.

About 8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year. Our ocean is 88% trash/plastic and over 1 million marine animals have died from intake of plastic pollution. 79% of plastic goes into the ocean and environments, 12% is incinerated, and only 9% is recycled. Most turtles’ causes of deaths are due to choking or being tangled into plastic. About 5 years ago,’’turtle was found with a plastic straw in his nose and the fishermen who had discovered the turtle had to yank the straw out of the nose.’’ 1,000 turtles die a year alone from plastic intake. 

There are many ways to change these numbers of plastic pollution. First, recycling would be a great start. Take your plastic to recycling companies, and they’ll remelt the plastic and reuse it instead of tossing it into a landfill or in the oceans. Second, bring a reusable water bottle, metal straw/ paper straw to reduce the amount of plastic products you use and throw away. Small things like that make quite a difference. Some cool inventions have been made so you can reduce plastic and plant a tree. Phone cases have been made from thick paper seed so after you cover your phone case, you can plant it, and after a while,’’ you will have tree sprouts. 

To help save the environment everyone needs to do a part. Having beach cleanups and just picking up plastic bottles and straws can be a big help,’’ or just eliminate  using plastic in the first place. ‘’Key West has banned plastic straws and now restaurants are only allowed to give paper straws. Let’s go green together.

Image from, As you Sow.

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