Bad Batch Review

Disney Plus released the season finale of “Star Wars Bad Batch” on Friday, August 13th. It concluded the 16 episodes of the first season following the so-called “defect” soldiers of Clone Force 99, who were initially introduced in season 7 of Clone Wars. The Bad Batch crew, consisting of Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, Crosshair, and Echo, gained enough attention to secure themselves their own show. Forewarning: possible Spoilers ahead. 

Episode One starts shortly after the fall of the Republic and at the very beginning of the rise of the Empire. Here, the crew is caught in the middle as they begin to realize that their new leaders aren’t everything they promised, leading them to split from the Empire. Behind them, they leave a member who chose to keep his loyalties to the new regime, but a new addition is added to the team, Omega. She is introduced as a medical assistant for the Kaminoans but later revealed she is of the same genetic modification as Clone Force 99. 

The rest of the season follows the team through close escapes from TK Troopers, bounty hunters, and space thugs. Many familiar faces appear, such as Captain Rex, Fennec Shand, and Cad Bane. Viewers become accustomed to the planet Ord Mantell as most of the season’s episodes begin here, as their old base on Kamino had been overrun by Imperial troops. Here, they act as small bounty hunters for Transdoshan Cid, who in turn lets them crash at her cantina. 

Illustrated by Amora Lage

This show perfectly fits the standards of any Star Wars production. It played with the audience’s emotions by making anyone who watched attach to the characters in one way or another. Bringing in those from separate shows makes this production even better as it connects everything in the universe. Whether the viewer is a savvy Star Wars Fan or not, this show is one to add to the list, but watching other series such as Clones Wars will help make it all make sense. Season 2 has yet to be announced but is expected to be in the works soon. Disney Plus has a lot coming up regarding releases such as the Kenobi series and the Andor series. 

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