Top 4 Foods for a Healthy Diet

(Featured Photo provided by Marilyn Barbone, We all want to live a long and healthy life, however, with the sorts of food we eat every day, it might be hard to achieve that goal now. Often, meals from fast-food restaurants and on grocery store shelves are high in calories and salt, which contains sodium. Sodium consumed in high amounts can lead to higher blood … Continue reading Top 4 Foods for a Healthy Diet

Finding friendships with food

By Ella Hall and Emma Scepkova Although food provides nutrients to the body, an individual can view food with a positive outlook or, in some cases, with fear. The positive outlook isn’t an issue in this case; however, the fearful view is, especially in teenagers. An anonymous source at Key West High School (KWHS) experiences a different outlook on food daily. “When there’s a day … Continue reading Finding friendships with food

Full Time Schedule Affecting KWHS Students

After Spring Break, the Monroe County School Board decided to allow students to come back full time, fearing that Florida’s governor would cut off their school budget. As well as the teachers, students have been heavily affected by the joining of A and B days in both positive and negative ways.  Daniella Barroso, the Key West High School (KWHS) Class President of 2024, expressed her … Continue reading Full Time Schedule Affecting KWHS Students

Johnson and Johnson Vaccines Blood Clots

 One of the main worries of people who are wary of getting  the COVID vaccine is the risks that may come with it such as numerous side effects, the Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine reigniting those fears for some.         It was announced just a few days ago Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine has a slim chance of causing blood clots, which is a major health risk. Although … Continue reading Johnson and Johnson Vaccines Blood Clots

Brand New Organ found in the throat

Medicine has been around for hundreds of years, everything to be known about the human body should already be discovered. However, is that really true? Could there possibly be some tissue or organ that we’ve haven’t yet uncovered? Some Dutch Scientists think they might have found a brand new organ that had been previously overlooked. Before this discovery, these scientists weren’t purposely looking for new … Continue reading Brand New Organ found in the throat