Johnson and Johnson Vaccines Blood Clots

 One of the main worries of people who are wary of getting  the COVID vaccine is the risks that may come with it such as numerous side effects, the Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine reigniting those fears for some. 

       It was announced just a few days ago Johnson and Johnson’s vaccine has a slim chance of causing blood clots, which is a major health risk. Although it is only 7 people who reportedly have had them out of over 7 million vaccinated with that version of the vaccine, that number could rise in the coming days. The AstraZeneca vaccine in some other countries has also had reports of blood clots, the possibility of side effects in other vaccines is definitely much more probable now. This has led many skeptics of COVID vaccines to be even more worried with the small number of people affected. The CDC has come out already to try and calm these fears but their attempts may not work on some who are already set on not getting it anyway.

      The vaccine troubles were bound to happen with it’s record breaking release time so the worries are valid, but not something to overreact about especially with the low numbers. With more advancements, there is hope that the troubles will die down and the vaccines will continue to be released safely to the public.


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