KWHS 2023 Senior Events

As the year is coming to an end, the Key West High School (KWHS) class of 2023 seniors are getting ready for their senior activities. KWHS makes sure that they send the seniors off with a special goodbye, and with Stacy Saunders and Ayesha Osborne in charge of the “operation graduation,” they will make sure that it will happen no matter what. 

The first event coming up is the Junior/Senior Luau. In short, the luau is planned by the junior class for the seniors as a send-off from them in Hawaiian style. KWHS seniors get in for free while juniors have to pay, but again, this is more like a gift than a dance fundraiser. The date of this event is still to be determined, but I’m sure the junior class of 2024 has this under control. 

Next is Junior/Senior Field Day. This is when the senior and junior classes will compete in numerous athletic games to win the title of the “best class” for the evening. Games include soccer, baseball, running, volleyball, basketball, flag football, weightlifting, an obstacle course, and more. The staff at KWHS make sure that this event runs smoothly for the juniors and seniors every year. This year, it will be happening on May 15th in the KWHS Backyard. 

One week after that is prom, a traditional dance that marks the end of a graduating class’ senior year. Last year, they had a theme for the class of 2022: A Night To Remember. There will be a theme for the class of 2023, but the KWHS Class of 2023 Executive Board has yet to make a decision on what it will be. Prom will occur on May 22nd at the DoubleTree Resort. 

Throughout the week after prom, there will also be scholarly events that the seniors can participate in: the Senior Banquet, Class Night, and Investitures. The Senior Banquet is recognizing individuals for making achievements not under the spotlight. Class Night is when the community hands out scholarships for students going to college. And Investitures are seniors being recognized for their accomplishments in a variety of clubs or extracurricular activities. 

And now the final day: graduation. Due to the renovation of the Tommy Roberts Memorial Stadium, the class of 2023’s graduation ceremony will be held at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater on May 26th. Due to the venue being close to the ocean shore, the seniors will be graduating under the setting sun, almost like a chapter is now officially done in their life. 

We can predict what the class of 2023 seniors will be doing in the next couple of months, but after that, their story is up to them. We hope to cherish these moments with them before they go, but also wish them luck in the next phase of their life.

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