New Books

Mr. Erhard’s classroom deserves to win a new class set of books because he (as an educator) would utilize not only the books but the material within, which can be a fun and all-around enjoyable experience. The power of books is to convey a strong message which teaches and informs the reader. If Mr. Erhard were to win the class set of books, each and every one of his students would be able to benefit from the books and the messages they convey. Everyone has a book for them, they just have to find it, and this class set would open that experience to Mr. Erhard’s students. 

The two main genres of books are fiction and non-fiction. A non-fiction book is usually where the words on each page teach the reader about a potential real-world experience, or, in other words, something that could really be seen in the world as we know it rather than relying on someone’s imagination. But on the other hand, a fiction book includes imaginary characters and scenarios that are not based on true events, with some events that can’t possibly exist in the real world, because it’s just impossible. Reading the right book for you can hold the power to expand your vocabulary while telling a story that can be thrilling. Other books are great for learning about subjects that interest the reader. For example, a book about ocean animals, while teaching facts and informing the reader, would also be entertaining because that’s what the reader has an interest in. Readers are able to open a book and escape the real world, which can be stressful and cruel. Choosing a book that is right for you can be life-altering. A book can allow you to find comfort and feel safe when in a time of stress. 

If Mr. Erhard’s classroom has the honor of winning a class set of books, his classroom will benefit greatly. A teacher wants their students to succeed and do great things, and something as simple as a book can do that. For some, access to books is not an easy task. Yes, we have a school library, but some just can’t make the time to check out books and just want to read something for the time being. Having the opportunity to pick up a book right from your class could be just what’s needed to make a change in the best way possible for the young minds of Key West High School students. 

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