From small town to Brown!

From sailing smoothly across the seas to waves crashing against a ship and lightning cracking in the sky is terrifying and difficult. The drastic change from childhood to adulthood, from high school to college, can be just as difficult. 

Siddharth Singh, the salutatorian of Key West High School’s (KWHS) graduating class of 2022, moved on from his childhood home and on to bigger and better things. Currently, he attends Brown University on the pre-law track pursuing his Bachelor of Science in psychology and an entrepreneurship certificate. The shift from Key West to Brown has not been an easy one.

Singh shared, “My experience at Brown has been nothing short of a humbling experience. The first few weeks were challenging because I was trying to find my footing and a routine I could stick with. However, once I started to get used to the heavy workload, the different types of people, and the new climate I started to enjoy Brown a lot more.” 

Singh continued, “Again, for the first few weeks, I was questioning whether I chose the right school just because of how difficult it was to assimilate. But, once I could find my people and balance social and school life, I fell in love with the school again. It’s really refreshing being surrounded by so many highly intellectual individuals from so many different upbringings and around a faculty that wants to see you succeed.” 

Just as a ship needs a strong crew to keep it afloat, a strong support system is essential to face the challenges that college creates. A friendly, kind group of people can make all the difference. 

While schoolwork has been demanding, there have been moments that make all the late nights at the library and hard work worthwhile. Singh explained, “There’s something about walking back to your dorm from a hard test and seeing the fall colors that is really comforting. Also, the diversity of individuals far exceeds that of Key West. Seeing different perspectives and backgrounds people have, it’s nice to see people who look just like me as opposed to feeling polarized on the island.” 

While the new, exciting environment has its perks, Key West still holds a place in Singh’s heart. Singh elaborated, “I went to college thinking that I wouldn’t miss Key West at all, and I was mostly right, but I found myself missing the close relationships that I made more than anything and I think that’s what’s so special about Key West.”

As Singh himself went through the tiresome application process and the seemingly endless period of waiting for decisions to come out last year, he understands what seniors are going through currently. To the KWHS senior class of 2023, he advised, “Going into college I was pretty confident that I could keep up with everything just because I was able to do it in high school, but one thing I’ve learned is that in college, you shouldn’t go in with expectations because they will be turned on you one way or another.”

Wherever a student chooses to go, as long as you remain dedicated and resilient as Singh has, you can accomplish anything you set your mind on. Good luck to the class of 2023!

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