True Conch Pride

When the students of Key West High School (KWHS) think of stress, anxiety, and overbooked schedules, most of the time, they think of their own  lives filled with homework, after school activities, and sports. What they do not consider is the teachers who run around and attempt to do everything all at once. Students tend to not always appreciate the teachers that do so much for them to succeed. 

However, teachers noticed the extra effort from some of their peers and took the opportunity to nominate these extraordinary few for the Teacher of the Year award! This year, Lauren Albury, Enrrique Boza, David Erhard, Brett Fink, Keri Fink, Shannon Geho, Kathlene Hurtado, Neda Jackson, Marc Pierre, Lisa Rivard, Kyla Shoemaker, Gina Smith, and Paula Mercer have all received a nomination for Teacher of the Year. All of them have earned this accolade through their hard-work and their obvious passion for teaching. 

Whether it is staying after school in order to tutor students who need additional assistance, being a sponsor for one or more clubs, or helping others with their workload, these educators go above and beyond the call of duty. They are a truly dedicated group of individuals.

Nevertheless, their remarkable work all boils down to their reasoning for becoming a teacher. Erhard simply explained,  “Like most who get into this profession, I want to help students and to help kids.” The ability to make a difference in how a child views life, the world, or even just a certain subject is a noble pursuit. 

 Mercer concurred with Erhard. “I love interacting with the students. Seeing the light bulbs go off in their heads, finally being able to understand what I’m trying to teach, and sharing my love of the Constitution is what makes my job so special.” Teaching is more than grading scantrons and giving lectures; it’s a way to guide students toward understanding the world around them. 

To the educators who continue to embody the spirit of Conch Pride each and every day through their perseverance, respect, integrity, determination, and excellence, thank you for all that you do for KWHS and our community. 

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