Writing an article about myself from my perspective

One of the writing supplements as a journalism and mass communications major this year for the George Washington University (GW) college application is to write a featured profile about and interview yourself from your perspective. I thought this was interesting task as it almost forces you to think highly of yourself. It trained my brain to think of all the positives in my life instead of the negatives. Here is what I wrote by taking on this task:

To fashion models, being “picture perfect” is about looking suitable for the front of a magazine cover, advertisement, or even a press release about their latest runway show. However, to Ella Hall, a senior at Key West High School in Key West, FL, being “picture perfect” to her is more than how the photo looks on the outside. It’s about her “picture-perfect” journey to get that shot. 

“The number of times I have laid on the ground to get the perfect angle is astronomical,” disclosed Hall. “But every time I lay down, I know I am doing what I’m supposed to be: getting the million-dollar shot.” But that’s not all that Hall has done to get that singular photo. 

In the past, she has stood on tables, laid under people, sat on top of people, run around the field to follow sports players, gone in the trunk of a car, gone underwater, stood in a pool with a camera, etc. The list goes on and on. “The amount of times I have gotten hit by a player or a ball because of the risky location I was in at an athletics game is endless,” stated Hall. “One time, a ball even hit my camera, but hey, I don’t regret anything because it was a great shot to look at later. 

Coming from a four-by-two-mile island at the bottom of Florida, let’s say for Hall getting access to advanced photography equipment is a struggle, but that doesn’t stop her from achieving in this field. In April 2022, Hall got first place for feature photography at the Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA), Florida’s high school journalism competition. “Just by seeing the other students competing, I thought I didn’t have what it took to be on top.” But with her $1,200 Canon 90D camera and a lot of charisma, Hall pulled off the win. She stated that her hard work and dedication got her to this point, not luck. 

Photography has taught Hall more about herself than what she wants to do in the future. It has led her to be persistent. “I never give up on achieving what I want,” said Hall. “Whether it’s with family, friends, school, etc. I will always keep trying until I get it. I don’t know if that seems a little crazy or even ‘pushy,’ but it shows that I will never stop fighting. And throughout the years, you can see how long I have been fighting through digital art by viewing my progress.”

Although she has exceeded expectations, Hall will keep growing in this field in college and after. “Just because I got an award doesn’t mean I don’t have room to grow,” explained Hall. “There is always something for me to fix or experiment with, and that is what I love about this industry. The skies are endless with possibilities for creativity.”

Even though this was technically an assignment, I loved how it trained my brain differently. I highly recommend each of you to try writing about yourself in a positive light. You’ll be surprised on how much good there is in your life.

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