College applications affecting the sanity of seniors

Applying for college is no joke. A single application can determine your life: where you’re going, what you’re doing, etc. So the anxiety amongst high school seniors is extremely high. “I base my entire happiness and self-worth on whether I get into this college of my dreams, and that just brings a lot of pressure on me,” stated Emma Scepkova, a current senior at Key West High School (KWHS).

While applying for the university of their dreams, it is also important to keep in mind that they still have school work to do to get their high school diploma. If they don’t complete that, then their shot of going to college is down the drain for the moment. “I feel as if you have to prioritize what’s good at the moment,” explained Scepkova. “Like if I have a big test coming up, then I will study for that test. But if I have nothing going on, then I will work on my college applications.” Balancing life, school, work, and now on top of that university applications are stressful, but it shows that if you can do that, you can truly do everything. 

So how do the students manage it? How do high school seniors manage the neverending stress of the possible decline in admissions? “I think I’ll be less stressed when I turn in my submission, but when the application results come out I’ll be feeling like I’m walking on pins and needles,” disclosed Scepkova. Everyone handles it differently, but keeping some of their sanity in a healthy way is important through this process. 

However, Common App, a website that manages college applications, helps overloaded seniors by providing a simplified way to apply to universities. You only have to fill out the information about yourself once, like what clubs are you in, what’s your grade point average (GPA), what awards have you received, etc. “Common App consolidates all the work,” said Scepkova. “It has everything in one place and makes my life easier, making applying to colleges a breeze.”

Although the process of applying to college can be overwhelming, it is a big step for post-high school graduation, taking their education to the next level. Not everyone wants to go to college, and that is ok, but for those who do, the journey will be worth it. “College will help me build my future, as well as help me see what is waiting out there for me,” stated Scepkova.

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