College Tips

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Going to college is scary, regardless of where you’re going or where you’re from.   After scouring the internet, and a multitude of interviews, the biggest tip is to go to class.  Skipping class could lead to falling behind, and falling behind has many consequences.  

Another common tip is to study.  Setting aside time to study is beneficial, but witing until the last minute could be catostrophic.  Find out the best way you study, whether you study better hands-on, just by listening, or by actually reading the books, and find what works for you.  Ari McKenney said to go digital, stating, “I really enjoy having it all on my Ipad.”  Sarah Williams enjoys using Quizlet to study and she stated, “Whatever you can’t put on a Quizlet, put on flashcards.”  Ari also said the Anki app helps her study.  Cade Lively mentioned that sitting in the front of the class, “You have no choice but to pay attention because they’re engaging with you, and that helps you really really remember the stuff.”  A few people had also said to know your resources and utilize them.  “Advocate for yourself” was a quote by Clara Anderson, meaning, if you think the grade you received is unfair, speak up and, ask about it.

Some general tips that have been thrown out are to take care of yourself and know your priorities.  If you have a part-time job, know that your classes are more important, or else you’ll just end up wasting money. Make friends with similar interests to you who prioritize school. “Have a friendship support system because you are going to need that,” declared Mario Puentes.  Many sources have said not to party too much and keep yourself balanced.  Jillian Malone said, “Make sure you get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water and make sure you eat.”  Keeping up with your own needs is not only important for your well-being but for helping you excel in class as well.  Check if your professors are worthwhile too, check websites that rate professors, and then decide if their class is right for you.

Brady Anderson also pointed out that researching the field of work is never a bad thing.  Make sure the availability of the job is good, as well as the pay.  He also said that making sure your preferred job field requires a degree is a great idea.

Some additional thoughts sources had, included changing majors is okay, it’s normal even.  There is safety in numbers, don’t go anywhere at night alone.  Get involved in clubs, study groups, whatever you can, but make sure not to overcommit.  Ari McKenney said, “Make mistakes in college, obviously don’t do anything dumb enough to get arrested.” 

Although I am young, I hope this article was helpful for those of you that are going to college soon.  Make sure you take care of yourself, actually study, and know your priorities.  By doing these things, you are sure to get further in college.


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