SMV wins 1st in silver

By:Summer Livengood

SMV stands for southern most volleyball. The team traveled to Fort Lauderdale 2 weeks ago to place in the tournament. After hours of driving and sleeping in hotels it was tournament day to get gold they would have to win all three games. To get silver you had to win two out of three games and make it to the final round. Many girls were there. All playing for the travel team. Our SMV team went in with a struggle losing their first match but then getting fired and winning their last two games. Giving them the chance to place in the silver division. Giving them the chance to get a metal. 

What is the difference between 1st division silver and 2nd division silver? First division silver is when you won all of the second day games and the final. While the second division won all their games that day but lost the finals. The teams also volunteered so in between games they would line judge or second ref. Also being able to stretch and eat. Having concession stands. 

Fighting with the refs and line judges. I found out from the coach of the SMV team that they had to send out special papers so that parents would not tell the judges or refs they were wrong or augue. If you are to break the agreement the parents would be kicked out. The refes and line judges can make the judgment of what had happened. 

After playing for hours the girls were getting tired of points going back and forth. The ball never stays in place. The girls were 24-20 and needed one more win for 1st division. They pulled through with an ace ( ace is when they serve the ball and no one goes after it.) The team went crazy and the crowd even crazier, taking photos and showing off their medals.

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