Flood Watch in Florida

   By: Vivienne Wellet

Storms and flood warnings have been posted all around Florida. There are flood watches in most parts of the state including Orlando, Daytona Beach, and Gainesville. According to

weather forecasters, the biggest concern is regarding the gusty winds that will occur during the storms. The winds will be able to push the ocean and flood some parts of the beaches and roads next to it. Moreover, the amount of rain that will occur during the storms could have disastrous effects. ‘’It can rain up to 7 inches of water in the next couple of days’’, said news forecasters during an interview. Most east coast beaches have either shut down or have Coastal Flood warnings which could lead all the way into the weekend.

   A high wind warning has also been posted. Winds can be as high as 65 mph causing little pieces of debris to go flying.  High wave activity can also occur in the next couple of days. On Saturday, the storm may clear up but in the morning it will most likely rain for hours before it stops. East and South of Orlando could get some lightning by Wednesday if not then by Thursday and can stay until Saturday morning. North of Orlando will most likely be where the rain hits the hardest as well as some parts of Daytona beach. 

   Parts of Daytona Beach have had major floods, and about 8-10 inches of rain flooded streets, beaches, and sidewalks. Friday November 12, 2021 ,10 inches of water flooded the streets and traffic had started. A couple days later, people got stuck in the water and the reason for it is because of how high the water has gotten.

According to news reporters the car got stuck and had to wait an hour and a half just for a tow truck to arrive and help them out. Major roads including International Speedway Boulevard, Ridgewood Avenue, and Atlantic Avenue were all important roads the cars use everyday to get to places. During the news a forecaster asked a woman how she was changing to the weather and she replied with,” We are slowly getting used to it but it is also almost the end of hurricane season so we aren’t that worried about the storms and flooding lately.”  

   Recently, St. John’s near Astor has been on a flood watch since November 14,2021. Weather forecasters have been looking out for heavy rain and lighting. So far it has only rained for a couple of days and hasn’t flooded any of the roads. Rivers had been increasing in their water level. For example, Lake Okeechobee’s water was around 16 feet and it has increased by about 2 feet of water. Today, November 16, 2021 flood warning went around Daytona Beach and some parts of Ocala. Hazardous Weather Outlooks were warned around Miami, West Palm Beach, Belle Glade, parts of Fort Myers, and some parts of the Florida Keys. Florida is usually a hot state but since it is winter season the temperatures have been dropping down into the 40’s. In North Florida upper 40’s and 50’s, in Central Florida upper 50’s and 60’s and in South Florida upper 60’s and 70’s.

Image from The Weather Channel

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