Flu cases spike

It’s Flu Season, the colds are coming out. Over 1,000 people in the United States have been discovered to have the flu and its symptoms. There are many forms of the Flu but the most common is the 1918 flu pandemic where this Flu wiped out over 3,000 people. Making it a devastating pandemic such as the 2020 pandemic ,covid. In 1918, there was a cold going around making everyone sick for weeks, it being so bad that their bodies couldn’t take it. Immune systems shutting down, people with other illnesses couldn’t handle it, pregnant women it was so bad it was even whipping out healthy strong people.

In 1930, the vaccine was created and tested. They found that this vaccine helped your cells to get stronger so they could fight off this virus. There was a test done and it showed that this vaccine is working. In the changes there are many new vaccines but the original shot is the best. 

In these situations such as covid which started in 2020. No one wants to get the flu. To prevent this wash your hands, get the shot if it’s available, don’t share, and if you are sick stay home. Don’t miss school over a silly cold. There are many changes that need to be made. Studies show that over 100 students will go home due to the flu every year. The changes that need to be made aren’t being made. 

Even if you get the shot, you can still get sick. It just helps fight the flu. So you will get some symptoms if you are sick but they shouldn’t be as bad. The symptoms you may feel can be cold, cough, sleep-deprived, and others. Please wash your hands and clean surfaces if you do feel sick and or sneeze/cough on them. 

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