“Bomb” Cyclone in California

  By: Vivienne Wellet

A powerful storm is referred to as a “bomb cyclone” which is a type of storm that is known for its falling atmospheric pressure or “the atmospheric river”, which is a concentrated plume of moisture that extends over the ocean, for example, the troposphere, the lowest layer of the atmosphere, the current was angled toward the North Bay. Mr. Miller, a meteorologist, said that the storm was expected to push the atmospheric river south and affect parts of south San Francisco. The storm is located in northern California where there is flooding, power outages, mudslides,and snowstorms. Flash flooding occurs mostly in Central and Northern California. 

   According to fire officials, since California is such a dry state, the cyclone helped it by putting ire Dixie out. Fire Dixie is the 2nd biggest fire ever recorded in California state and is now 100% contained . Even though the fire is out, there is still a big risk that flooding and mudslides can occur because of all the trees that have burned. The California climate has changed alot since the fires and droughts, but now it is humid and feels wet according to the meteorologists. The storm formed over the Pacific Ocean and headed into the U.S. Highway routes 16 and 20, and they had to shut down due to mudslides that knocked down rocks, trees, power lines, and debris. About 2 people died by a tree falling on them and more than 300,000 people have no power across California, Washington, and Oregon. 

  Gusty winds and rain is heading into the states Washington and Oregon. City officials claimed that there had been more than 500 calls for police and firefighter assistance. Police officials said not to cross debris flow and not to drive unless you have to for safety. According to the weather report, over 7 pounds of snow was recorded on top of mountains, and Mount Sierra is supposed to be getting heavy snow on Wednesday night. The storm could possibly get worse  in the northern central portions of California and get about 2 inches of rain water. AccuWeather forecasters said,”Since there has been a lot of rain, rivers and creeks have been filling up and rapidly rising. On Monday, weather reporters said the storm is supposed to reach Southern British Columbia, and thecyclone is supposed to bring its strong winds and lots of rain which can cause flooding. 

  For Downtown Station in San Francisco, Sunday was the wettest day of the month in October and the fourth wettest day of all year. In downtown Sacramento, Sunday was the wettest “calendar” day of any month in 160 years of recordkeeping. Wind gusts in Seattle reached up to 61 mph and 75-80 mph  in California. In Santa Rosa, about 55 miles north of San Francisco, some streets in the city looked more like streams than roads. In Placer county, Interstate 80 was closed in both directions near the Nevada state line closed due to heavy snow that fell on the highway. In Truckee, north of Lake Tahoe, the highway had to be shut down because rocks and water had fallen on top of the highway because of a mudslide on Sunday afternoon.

Image from Today Show

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