Abused Animals

Animals are humanity’s best friends, they keep us company and are great to cheer you up when everyone else wrongs you. With that being said, why would people want to treat them so horribly? People all over the world leave helpless animals bruised and dying alone to suffer. Why is it fair to do this to them? The answer is, it’s not that if a human isn’t allowed to hurt another human without consequences and an animal can’t hurt a human without consequence, a human shouldn’t be allowed to harm an animal.

Animals are abused in homes, on the streets, in shelters/pounds, in zoos, and in laboratories. Animals are tested on, treated wrong by owners, put into pounds, held captive, and put down. In most circumstances, it’s not the animals’ fault.

This is just one example of what animal abuse could look like

One serious case of animal abuse has been putting dogs into street fights. Animals are forced into violent ways to survive which is not only abuse but just plain torture. 

When a human harms another human being they get certain consequences, they can be fined, serve jail time, or be sentenced to death row if more serious, which makes sense. You need to take good actions and not hurt one another. 

On several occasions, animals have been put down for causing damage to a human. For example, you have probably heard of the time when a young  kid fell into a gorilla cage. This has happened multiple times and each gorilla comes out hurt and, most of the time, is put down. It is logical because someone could have been hurt or even worse killed so they did the right thing to save the child.

A dog tied up with tape and left alone with no food and water over multiple days

Taking this into account, why is it okay for a human to hurt an innocent animal and not suffer the consequences? More times than you would expect the animal being hurt hasn’t done anything wrong, like in the gorilla case. Animals all over the world are treated differently than you would a human. Hiting, kicking, pushing, starving, cutting, bruising, and chaining them up are only a couple examples of what humans are doing to helpless animals. These actions would not be tolerated if they were any other situation. 

More than 100 million animals suffer from abuse every year, with it being estimated that an animal is abused every 10 seconds. Animal cruelty numbers have more than doubled in 2020.

Recently, actions have been taken to try and stop animal abuse and cruelty. People are put into jail, fined, and the animals are taken to safety, but it’s just not enough. The number of animals abused is so high that not everyone causing harm to animals is punished for it, and animals continue to be abused and treated wrong with little consequence. 

We need to put a stop to animal cruelty and abuse before its too late. Animals are left hopeless and helpless everyday. An animal can’t stand up for themselves and make a change, so we need to do it for them. It’s not fair to the law and it’s not fair to the animals. You can help by signing a petition, demanding change, protesting, and spreading the word about how horribly these poor animals are treated in everyday life.

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