“Bomb” Cyclone in California

  By: Vivienne Wellet A powerful storm is referred to as a “bomb cyclone” which is a type of storm that is known for its falling atmospheric pressure or “the atmospheric river”, which is a concentrated plume of moisture that extends over the ocean, for example, the troposphere, the lowest layer of the atmosphere, the current was angled toward the North Bay. Mr. Miller, a meteorologist, … Continue reading “Bomb” Cyclone in California

Wildfires In California

  By: Vivienne Wellet Recently, California Wildfires have struck yet again this year.The fires have caused great destruction to not only us humans, but to animals, homes, and many parts of land we use for many things like farming, building, and many other things. This fire season, there has been one 8,000 fires that have consumed or 3 million acres of land. 3 people have … Continue reading Wildfires In California

The California Recall Election: Everything that Happened

In February of last year, Republican organizers were trying to start a recall election to remove California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, from office over numerous political issues. However, COVID struck not shortly after, and the effort died down for a bit. While other states were experiencing explosions in cases, California was among the first to issue stay-at-home orders, and the state didn’t have many cases during … Continue reading The California Recall Election: Everything that Happened