Wildfires In California


By: Vivienne Wellet

Recently, California Wildfires have struck yet again this year.The fires have caused great destruction to not only us humans, but to animals, homes, and many parts of land we use for many things like farming, building, and many other things. This fire season, there has been one 8,000 fires that have consumed or 3 million acres of land. 3 people have died and more than 3,300 houses have been destroyed. Wildfires start mostly from human activity but can also weather through errant sarks, downed power lines, lightning, and even arson. 

  The largest fire ever recorded in California history is the Dixie fire, as of Monday it has burned down 727,896 acres of land. Dixie started on July 13, 2021, by a tree that was knocked into a 12,000 volt power line, and it only started to get worse and worse. Dixie is located in Butte, Plumas, Lassen, Shasta,and Tehama Counties. As of right now, Dixie is slowly decreasing as it is 90% contained.Dixie killed 1 firefighter and 3 other firefighters were severely injured but recovered. 

  Another fire, the Alisal fire, has grown so much in 24 hours that Authorities had to shut down the 101 highway in southern California. The wind has been pushing Alisal into Santa Barbara County and burning everything in its path. Since Wednesday, the fire has exploded to 15,443 acres of land. Firefighters are struggling to take out the fire, according to the Police Chief Jimmy Harris, he had to tell reporters that, ”Firefighters aren’t able to use air tanks or helicopters due to the high winds.” Fire Officials say that ever since the fire started, it has spread 15 miles in less than 5 hours and just below 5% contained. Videos and pictures have been posted of thick plums of smoke hanging over the Barbara highway. 

  Police officials had told news reporters to watch out for fire warnings and be ready to evacuate if it comes any closer. The fire is threatening more than 100 ranches and homes. Power has been cut off to more than 25,000 people around 19 counties. South of San Joaquin County, a man suffered severe third degree burns of most of his body in his mobile home in the Islander Mobile Home Park. According to fire officials, the fire has burned down over 1 million trees and is burning around the Southern California coastal mountains this year in 2021.

  California Fires in 2021 have burned more than 3,900 square miles and have destroyed 3,600 homes, businesses, and other structures. Fires have killed more than 200 people from burns, buildings collapse on people, and many other things.In 2019, 7,860 fires were recorded and over 229,823 acres of land burned costing about 163 million dollars and taking the lives of 5 people. 2020 over 10.1 million acres of land was destroyed because of wildfires. The cost for that much damage was about 12,079 billion dollars in damage and killed 33 people. Hopefully everyone will be safe and won’t get any serious injuries in the future.

Image from Oregon Live

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