Alligator Attacks Florida

By: Summer Livengood

There are over 1.25 million alligators, and over 2,000 alligator attacks have been reported. Many people run, walk, and even swim near or in the ponds that the alligators live in. These animals will grab the arms or even legs of humans and drag them into the water twist in the water, which drowns the person. Then, they proceed to rip some of the limbs off.  

 A mature alligator can have up to 80 teeth at a time showing, but they can go through 2 to even 3 thousand teeth in their lifetime. Their teeth can grind through bones and thick skin. Young alligators can have up to 60- 80 teeth, and even though they’re young, they also have a strong bite and can rip off limbs. The teeth of the alligator are sharp and white and get cleaned by birds. The bird known as the Crocodile bird cleans the teeth, and it benefits the bird because they get to eat the leftovers. 

Read the warnings. Over 1 million Americans skip over the warnings. When the county knows about the alligators, they put large direct signs. Swim at your own risk, beware of alligators and other dangers.  If you are to swim in these ponds, lakes, and other bodies of water, it’s on your own behalf. These animals are very gentle when left alone and quite peaceful. Keeping your distance can keep you safe.

A woman (name unknown) says she was walking by the pond when out of nowhere an alligator jumped out and grabbed her dog. She jumped in to try to release the dog, but in the struggle, she was dragged to the deepest part of the pond. She said in her interview with Florida life, “ I watched a show and it told me in this situation I should wrap and spin with the alligator.” That’s what saved her life, and she called the cops and was able to get to shore. Her arm was sadly too ripped up to keep, and she had to get it amputated. She said she should have been more aware, and when the cops scanned the river, they found 7 more alligators. She said, “I read the signs but ignored them because of the view.” You should always pay attention to your surroundings. 

Image from CNN

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