The 2021 “Spooky Season”

Starting October 1st, the renowned “Spooky Season” will be held. From fall fashion to Halloween decor, people around the globe are getting ecstatic for a beloved and fearful month. 

When thinking of autumn, I imagine the cool breezes, maple leaves falling off the big oak trees, and the warm feeling of coming back into your house after a stroll. However, in the Florida Keys, it is eternal summer. But I guess that is why our fellow “snowbirds,” people who live up North, come down to warmer places in the winter, like in the Keys. They’d rather chill in the sand than literally chill. 

During these 31 days, the fashion trends coming up can be a daily occurrence or a one-time deal. The fall colors that will be coming out vary from browns, oranges, yellows, and reds, expressing those colors through skirts, plaid shirts, pants, sweaters, and whatever your heart desires in the clothing world. If you want to get more inspiration on fall trends, click here

The trick or treat holiday on October 31st, Halloween, is typically celebrated through children dressing up in costumes and begging for candy door-to-door. However, when kids get older, the treats they receive will not be as fun as the teenage dream tricks awaiting to come. On a Halloween night, there is no wrong way to celebrate this spooky holiday. Watch a horror movie, have a costume party, “pigging out” on some candy, or even going Florida Keys style and taking a swim at the beach. 

From a high school student’s perspective, each day people blend in with the crowd. Wearing the same outfits, same style, you would think they’re clones. But even if you match for the day, there is always Halloween night. Ranging from kids to adults, wearing a costume never gets old. The best part is, you can be whatever you want to be for the night with a judgment-free card. For more ideas on what you want to be, click here

In neighborhoods and even big cities, people decorate their houses however they want to. Whether you use fall colors, or even a giant blown-up ghost sitting in the front yard, there are infinite possibilities to share your seasonal flair with your area. 

With all that goes on in the world, I hope that this season of festivities will help you sit back and relax, enjoying the autumn atmosphere and the Halloween spirit. 

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