Animals catch Covid

Covid started from a female who had eaten a diseased bat in china. After a while she started feeling sick but still kept doing her day to day things spreading the new diseases.  After a while it started spreading across states, countries, cities, and all other places around the world.  Now we have tests and vaccines. Recently a woman brought her animal into the vet. 

The vets couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her pet. The doctor ran test after test until she signed for a covid test. She took the saliva of the dog sent to the lab when it came back it said positive for covid. After doing multiple tests and all of them coming back positive they declared the pet to have covid . 

When the news got a hold of this information they contacted the owner. The owner said “ I have to quarantine my dog. My dog can’t sleep with me, I can’t pet my dog.” After finding out this pet had covid they thought about how other pets could get covid. They did tests taking the virus and exposing it to these animals. After testing animals like dogs, cats, ferrets, and even birds. Were found with the virus. They are trying to find a animal safe vaccine to keep animals and keep their owners safe.

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