Horror Films to Watch

October has just begun, meaning it’s time for scary movie marathons. Those who enjoy horror will constantly be looking for more films to watch, searching for a more terrifying one each time. Now that the season for these scary movies has finally started, it’s time to pick out the best ones to see this Halloween season.

What Makes a Great Horror Film?

It’s a widely acknowledged fact that there are only a few types of horror films that are truly scary. Even though there’s a range of horror-dramas, what works for other films doesn’t necessarily work for horror films. What makes a horror film scary is mostly in the way it’s structured. These films also tend to be more frightening when they are still confined within their target audience. A horror film that goes out of its way to be scary, such as a thriller that’s purposefully dramatic, will generally be a big mistake for a horror film. These films are typically not enjoyed by the widest audience of people. On the other hand, horror movies made to appeal to a larger audience are fine. There’s no real difference between these types of films.

The Best Halloween Movies to Watch

Based on popular demand, here’s a list of the best horror movies to watch on Halloween, or any time of the year really. This list is filled with classics, horror movies that scared the wits out of movie-goers for decades, and some newer films with similar thrills. This list will give you a mix of humor and horror that are perfect to relax and scare the hell out of you on a night when the moon doesn’t give off enough light to see your hand in front of your face. Halloween (1978) Halloween comes in at number one on my list of best Halloween movies, and it’s a true classic. Jamie Lee Curtis gives a phenomenal performance as the classic babysitter receiving a call from inside the house.


This Norwegian horror movie is basically a horror documentary. Trollhunter is a documentary style flick, which explores the history of an obsessive filmmaker, named Einar (Kjetil Svendsen) who begins to travel to the Arctic in hopes of finding a film he’s been working on for years. He discovers that it’s in danger of melting away in the arctic snow, and in order to save it, he has to work together with a polar bear and other polar bears to find it.

The Shining

This isn’t just a movie about the fictional hotel on the very desolate and snow-capped Mount Rushmore, it’s a movie that has garnered so much hype for being scary and being set in a haunted house in Colorado. The Shining is based off of a novel of the same name written by Stephen King. While we haven’t gotten a remake of this movie, the remake’s director, Stanley Kubrick, did make a sequel to the movie, which was also excellent, Shining II: The Overlook Hotel. 


Another Stephen King film, Misery follows an author after he crashes his car in a blizzard and suffers horrible injuries, leaving him stuck in the home of his “number one fan”. Though it starts nice, things slowly turn sinister as he realizes she’s a bit more obsessed than she let on. Watch as this author tries to escape the grasp of an obsessive fan, while also working to continue his world famous book series.


A classic, Scream combines horror and comedy to make one of the greatest horror films of all time. Throughout the film, Sidney, a highschool student, must try to discover the identity of a mysterious killer who has been hunting her classmates and friends, and even her. While hunting the mysterious killer dubbed Ghostface, Sidney also deals with common teenage issues and the recent murder of her own mother. Though the topics are heavy, there are several light-hearted jokes and topics as well, evening it out and overall making it an incredible film.

Get Out

This 2017 thriller combines elements of horror, satire and racism into an exploration of racial relations in America. Jordan Peele, best known for his work on Comedy Central’s Key & Peele, wrote the script and directed this critically-acclaimed thriller, which stars Daniel Kaluuya as Chris, a young black photographer who accompanies his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), to meet her parents for the first time. Written and directed by Jordan Peele, Get Out received five Oscar nominations including best picture, best director, best original screenplay and best actor for Daniel Kaluuya. With its bold story, original soundtrack and original direction, Get Out is one of the best horror movies to come out in recent years.

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