“Country Boy” makes an impact on KWHS

Image Above: Jacob Hickin, a freshman at KWHS, is expressing his unique style. Photo Provided by Ella Hall

Bringing a little bit of the south to Key West, Jacob Hickin, a freshman at Key West High School (KWHS), has been infamous around campus with his new title, “Country Boy.”

Hickin’s appearance to most people seems like a stage performance, but in reality, it’s his everyday attire inspired by his former hometowns of Texas and Ohio. “I am a cowboy, so I decided to dress like myself,” said Hickin. 

With all the fame Hickin has been getting, his schoolwide name, “Country Boy,” isn’t so bad in his eyes. “I love to be known as that title,” stated Hickin. “Country Boy, Texas hillbilly, and so forth are fine with me.”

Like all new students, the challenges of starting fresh at a new school are tough, but his unique appearance to the Conchs has made this situation slightly easier. “It has made people feel like it’s easier to be around me,” stated Hickin. “I am a great person to have in your corner.” Grabbing the people’s attention wasn’t what he intended to do, but he sure succeeded when he walked through the KWHS front gate for the first time. 

In the 21st century, fashion has ranged in all directions. Air Forces to Doc Martins, cheetah print to cow print, and many more. But down in Florida, no one expects someone to walk down a path with a pair of cowboy boots. “My style is old school and turned more towards working, not looks,” explained Hickin. “I dress how I want to dress, and I don’t care how people view me.” 

Nothing is wrong with styling differently from everyone around you, and Hickin proves that. Whether you wear a cape, flowers, and even a cowboy hat, you’re expressing yourself, and that is far better than the people’s opinion of what you can and can’t wear. 

Hickin has had a great start to KWHS so far, and he hopes that it can keep going this spectacular for the rest of the year. “I appreciate KWHS for giving me a warm welcome,” stated Hickin. 

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