Hurricane Ida Causes Devastation in Louisiana

By: Tricia Desroches

Hurricane Ida was a category four hurricane yet has now gone down to a category two. After Hurricane Katrina, this follows as the second most harmful hurricane. It began as a tropical wave in the Caribbean. It heightened while moving to Cuba. 

It made a ton of harm to Louisiana, leaving very nearly 1 million individuals without power. Ida constrained a great many individuals to clear the state as quickly as time permits. 

It hit numerous different places yet it influenced Louisiana and Cuba the most. The breezes went as far as possible up to 150 mph and drew near to 157 mph. Many individuals have been left homeless or they are living with another person because their house was harmed. The storm caused more than 50 billion dollars worth of harm. 

Having one of the most exceedingly awful Covid-19 flare-ups, Louisiana doesn’t have the space for that many individuals in their hospitals. Many individuals were harmed. There have additionally been numerous passings that are identified with Ida. This tropical storm was exceptionally wrecking. Many individuals lost their positions because of Covid, so they wear have the cash to do numerous things. For instance, fixing their home, purchasing another home because of their house being destroyed, or taking care of emergency hospitals bills. 

Individuals were cautioned to remain as distant as they could from Louisiana, for now. This overwhelming event is remarkable and unforgettable.

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