2021-2022 KWHS New Staff

Bronte Walsh: KWHS Prevention Counselor

By Gabriella Ramsingh

New to our Key West High School (KWHS) staff, Bronte Walsh, the new prevention counselor here at KWHS. Walsh works with students one-on-one and provides them support. Mental health has always been something she takes seriously and hopes that she can bring a new awareness for mental health at KWHS and in this community. 

For the past two years, she has been working in the Monroe County school system in intervention counseling with children ages five through eighteen but is very excited to work specifically with high school students this year. 

Walsh graduated from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and recently obtained a certification in child life at American Public University, which focuses on children facing medical struggles, illnesses, and finding ways to cope. Walsh’s favorite thing about her job is feeling gratification when seeing a child that she has worked with or is working with, find strength in a situation that has been challenging for them.

Walsh is enthusiastic about motherhood and helping others, it’s her life, her joy, and her passion. “The person I look up to is my mother as she’s been a huge role model for me both in my career and navigating motherhood,” said Walsh “Growing up she taught me many life lessons regarding my confidence, self-esteem as a woman, self-care, and to stand up for what I believe in.” By watching her mother overcome hardships, Walsh grew the confidence to overcome her own, knowing that you can always pick yourself up no matter how far you fell. 

This school year, Walsh is excited to watch this program come to life. She believes it has a lot of potentials to teach and raise awareness to students about mental health. Throughout the year, Walsh plans to host various events to raise awareness on this matter. In addition, KWHS freshmen will be educated through a Prevention Education Series in the fall on drugs/alcohol, healthy relationships, becoming an adolescent, and coping skills. However, Walsh also is in the process of pulling more events up her sleeves, such as suicide prevention, bullying prevention, and drug and alcohol awareness. 

“I think where I started and where I am now is a huge motivator for me – I want to inspire people that anything is possible and you are capable of whatever it is you’re after as long as you keep pushing yourself and don’t give up,” said Walsh “We aren’t perfect human beings and everyone has their struggles including me but if we use our past experiences to guide us per se and really fight for what we want in life I really believe that anything is possible.”

Tara Jackson: KWHS Biomedical teacher

By Molly Catena

Key West High School (KWHS) is so happy to have so many wonderful new teachers. Not only are there new teachers, but new classes are being offered. One of the new classes this year is Principles of Biomedical Science taught by Mrs.Jackson. Tara Jackson, also known as Mrs. Jackson, is a new teacher at KWHS.

Mrs.Jackson is the teacher of Principles of Biomedical Science. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire. Mrs. Jackson wanted to teach Principles of Biomedical Science to introduce to students new possibilities of careers with a degree in science, other than doctors or nurses. Jackson’s favorite part of her job, so far, is hanging out with her students. This school year, she is looking forward to seeing how much fun her students will have learning and watching them grow, both as students and as people. Her favorite thing to do, outside of teaching, is reading and going to the beach.

Principles of Biomedical Sciences is a class for all grade levels. The purpose of this class is to provide students with a foundation of knowledge and technically oriented experiences in the study and applications of biomedical science and the possibilities in the biomedical field. Some of the content found in biomedical science is the study of the human body, medicine, health, key biological concepts, communication, transport of a substance, locomotion, metabolic processes, defense, protection, research processes, engineering principles, and an introduction to bioinformatics. In addition, this program will also work with the design and development of medical interventions. Students will review the history of organ transplants and gene therapy. 

Jennifer Young: KWHS Resource Officer

By Grace Andrew

With the 2021-2022 school year rolling in fast, Key West High School (KWHS) has introduced many new faces, including School Resource Officer (SRO), Officer Jennifer Young.

Officer Young has lived in Key West for three years and has been an active police officer for ten. When she saw an SRO position open up at KWHS, she jumped for the opportunity. “I didn’t have someone at school who was an advocate for me, and I fell through the cracks,” Young shared. 

Jennifer Young is making sure students are safe at KWHS. Photo Provided by Grace Andrew

Officer Young is looking to “bridge that gap” and “be the advocate for students who are struggling”. She doesn’t look to change anything, but wants to be involved. Now, she visits classrooms and interacts with students as much as possible. 

In her free time, she visits the culinary arts room (to enjoy some delicious snacks) or spends time with family at home. Young looks forward to “building new relationships with students on campus, and football.”

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