2021-2022 KWHS New Staff

Bronte Walsh: KWHS Prevention Counselor By Gabriella Ramsingh New to our Key West High School (KWHS) staff, Bronte Walsh, the new prevention counselor here at KWHS. Walsh works with students one-on-one and provides them support. Mental health has always been something she takes seriously and hopes that she can bring a new awareness for mental health at KWHS and in this community.  For the past … Continue reading 2021-2022 KWHS New Staff

KWHS Backyard Grand Opening

On April 27th, the conclusion of the infamous Key West High School (KWHS) backyard, an array of sports facilities in the back of the school, was finally recognized for its monumental upgrade from the original facility made in 2004. Christina McPherson, the principal of KWHS, hosted the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new backyard along with Nicolas Gonzalez, the KWHS Student Council president.  Although the … Continue reading KWHS Backyard Grand Opening

Full Time Schedule Affecting KWHS Students

After Spring Break, the Monroe County School Board decided to allow students to come back full time, fearing that Florida’s governor would cut off their school budget. As well as the teachers, students have been heavily affected by the joining of A and B days in both positive and negative ways.  Daniella Barroso, the Key West High School (KWHS) Class President of 2024, expressed her … Continue reading Full Time Schedule Affecting KWHS Students

Key West High School Teacher of the Year

Being a teacher can be a very rewarding job; but, with all the day-to-day challenges, it can also be a stressful career-choice. It takes a highly dedicated, skilled, and caring person to become a teacher who can consistently make a positive impact on their students. This year, Key West High School (KWHS) Science teacher, Donna Tedesco was recognized by her peers as a teacher who … Continue reading Key West High School Teacher of the Year