Pep in your step!

Spirit practically oozed out into the halls of Key West High School (KWHS) this past week. KWHS’s Student Council created various events to generate excitement for the homecoming football game and dance. It seems that the students are extremely hyped this year. 

This Spirit Week added some new themed days to the traditions the students have gotten used to. The classic Toga day had the seniors walking around draped in whatever bed sheets or cloth they could find on Monday. Tuesday was Generations Day. The freshmen dressed as babies, the sophomores were teens, the juniors became adults, and the seniors channeled their inner senior citizens. The opportunity to be a Barbeque Dad or a Soccer Mom presented itself on Wednesday. Thursday was Class Color Day due to the thrilling pep rally that day. Finally, Friday gave students the chance to show off their best Adam Sandler interpretation.

Daniella Barroso, the Class of 2024’s Executive Board President and Student Council Treasurer, expressed her thoughts on this year’s school spirit. “Spirit week went really well. This year since I’m a student council officer, I’m able to see all the pictures of people dressing up and it’s so amazing to see how many people participated. This was one of the best spirit weeks since I’ve been in high school!”

Liam Flores, the Class of 2023 Executive Board President, wholeheartedly agreed. After the juniors won the homecoming skit, the senior class claimed a victory at the Pep Rally on Thursday. Flores commented, “ You can’t truly quantify how spirited our school is. It’d simply break any scale, especially with the upperclassmen as proven by the close — although broken — tie between the juniors and seniors today at the pep rally. We students at Key West High School are nothing without our school spirit, and I’m not sure what we’d do without it.”

Conch Pride is a KWHS-specific custom. Barroso explained the concept in her own terms. “To me, conch pride means how you portray our school spirit within yourself.   It is important to have conch pride and show your school spirit. I’ve had conch pride since I was born and it is something I will carry with me for the rest of my life.” 

Conch pride truly sets KWHS apart from any other school because of the way it uniquely brings the students and the community together. Conch Pride: Don’t leave home without it!

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