Support our veterans!

The American heroes who have sacrificed their livelihoods, time, and freedom, in order to secure the civil rights of the citizens of America, deserve so much more than they are given. These men and women have devoted and even offered their lives to save millions of strangers they have never met and probably never will meet. Their service and dedication to this nation warrant more support than they and their families are currently receiving. 

An important way for the government to support families who care for veterans is to allocate more sufficient funds to specific areas. Officials, at both federal and state levels, that control government spending must give a larger portion of money to the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). Investing in VA allows veterans and their families to reap the benefits they earned through serving their country. Whether it leads to treating physical disabilities and mental health issues, helping with housing solutions for the homeless, or assisting with finding career opportunities, government spending can majorly impact veterans and give their families the support they need. 

On a smaller scale, there are numerous ways civilians can aid families caring for veterans. Two of the easiest ways to help as an average American are donating time and money. Volunteering at a local American Legion (AL) or Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post can create a direct impact on the lives of veterans in the community. Choosing to donate money to a wide variety of veteran nonprofit organizations can also assist those in need. Another simple way for citizens to support veterans and their families is to be kind. Spending quality time and having a genuine conversation with a family who cares for a veteran can make all the difference. A simple “thank you” for their time in service could leave a positive impact on them and brighten their day.

Brave men and women endangered their safety for ours, chose to trade their freedoms for ours, risked their lives for ours. In return, they deserve the same respect and honor they gave this country when they decided they were willing to give their lives for it. Veterans and their families deserve this nation’s support.

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