Current coffee crisis

Many people across the nation wake up every morning, feeling tired and groggy. There is a solution these men and women use to save their day from seemingly unending torture: coffee. A nice, piping hot cup of Joe can resurrect the half-asleep zombies that riddle the halls of Key West High School (KWHS). 

Now, a great debate on where the best place these students try to find their source of energy: Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? There is a massive schism that divides the students who drink exclusively Starbucks from those who only drink Dunkin. 

Alicia Bahri, a junior at KWHS, shared her opinion. “The drinks I get from Starbucks are very aesthetic. I wouldn’t necessarily say Starbucks drinks give me more energy, but they definitely taste better to me.” Bahri argues that the taste and quality of Starbucks coffee are far superior compared to Dunkin.

Gracie Lechnar, a sophomore at KWHS, offered an opposing view. “I just like Dunkin’s syrups and coffee… the coffee is just less bitter.” However, she also provided another reason for Dunkin to take the win: cost. Lechnar explained, “Dunkin’s better because it’s cheaper”. Due to a variety of reasons, students often tend to take affordability into account when assessing where to get their morning burst of energy. 

Sadly, the possibility of getting their coffee from these places is less likely due to their difficulty being accessed. Yet, there always is the idea of making coffee at home, espresso or instant coffee, the possibilities are endless. 

Wherever or whatever type of energy boost can easily be decided on, it’s just up to you to choose when, where, and how. 

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