Alzheimer’s Disease

By: Vivienne Wellet

  Alzheimer’s or also known as Dementia, is a disease that involves memory loss and interrupts other important daily things. It is caused by “the abnormal build-up of proteins in and around the brain cell.” More than 54 million people”worldwide” have Alzheimer’s. The longer Alzheimer’s disease is present in the body the worse and worse it will get, first they can’t remember things that they did or talked about in the last ten minutes, then they forget memories years of their lives.

Although Scientists and doctors are trying to find a cure for the disease there still hasn’t been one found to cure it. According to doctors there have been found that there are seven stages of Alzheimers if you are diagnosed with it, Before the symptoms appear and start showing, basic forgetfulness, noticeable memory difficulties to their brain, More memory loss but it’s more serious, decreased independence which means they need more interaction with people they know or a nursing home, severe symptoms of the disease, and lack of physical control which means they can be really lazy and zone out and just stand or sit there so they need help with basic human things that is an everyday things. 

  Symptoms of Alzheimer’s are memory loss, difficulty organizing thoughts like thoughts, are not able to learn new things, and many other things. They tend to sleep a lot during the day and they sometimes don’t eat because of their depression and anxiety. It was proven that type AB blood had a 82 percent higher chance of getting Alzheimers. People younger than 60 are rare to get alzheimers but people who are over the age of 60 can get it. You can recognize the symptoms on people when they are in their 40’s or 50’s but it won’t affect them a lot but, if they do have it then it will affect them when they’re over 60. Although the disease does not affect kids it is affected and he is known for being the youngest person to get it. 

  Jordan Adams, a 26 year old man who lives in the UK and  inherited it from his mother who died when she was 55-years old. His family has a background of his family getting Alzheimer’s including his Aunt that got her life taken from this terrible disease. The top 5 countries who have the most people who have Alzheimers are Turkey, Lebanon, Libya, Finland, and Equ. Guinea. Japan has almost no reports of having the disease. Coffee lovers and vegans have a low chance of getting the disease as it is proven by tests on a 67 year old who is vegan.

It is more common for women to get it than men but it isn’t impossible for men to get it. People who have been diagnosed with it they can live four to eight years.  Signs if you notice that someone with Dementia could possibly be dying if not being able to move on their own, difficulty eating like swallowing their food, needing help with almost everyday activity, and not being able to speak or fix themselves. 

Image from National Institution

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  1. I was suggested this web site via my cousin. I’m not certain whether or not this post is written by means of him as no one else realize such unique about my difficulty. You are incredible! Thanks!


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