Volcano Eruption in Spain

By: Vivienne Wellet

On September 19, 2021,a volcano erupted on the islands of  La Palma Spain. As lava was running down the mountain,authorities started to evacuate locals who lived there. About 5,000 locals have been evacuated,yet there are still so many left. The population is approximately 85,000 according to scientists. Officials say that if you can’t evacuate, it is safest to stay inside because of all of the volcanic sh in the atmosphere.According to officials, seismic activity has resulted in 22,000 earthquakes within the week; the volcano hasn’t erupted since 1971, which was over 50 years ago.

   During that time,one man was killed during the eruption because he got too close while he was photographing the volcano. Authorities say that there haven’t been any deaths or injuries and hopefully there won’t be . The lava from the volcano has covered more than 225 acres of land and is heading into coastlines. The lava destroys everything in its path including plant life, animal life, crops, and even homes. More than 120 homes have been destroyed from it. 

  Since it was last checked,the lava was 1800 degrees fahrenheit and moved at the speed of 2,300 feet per hour. The damage right now would cost around 400 million euros according to Angel Victor Torres, the president of the Canary Islands. According to officials,there is photographic proof of lava shooting hundreds of meters into the sky. The lava has spread onto the roads and highways,so police had to close them so no one could potentially get hurt.  Police had told news reporters that they had closed down more than 5 roads including streets that were usually busy. 

   An interview with one of the tourists from Austria had said, “ We felt earthquakes the day of when the volcano erupted.” She had also said a few hours later,a lady knocked on their door and told them that they had to pack up quickly and leave the home because lava was nearby.About 600 tourists had to be evacuated and moved to a different island. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez went to some of the nearby defected/destroyed places on the island and saw that everything was destroyed, vegetation, homes, trees, and many other things.

Image from USA today

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