Devious Lick Gone To Far

By: Summer Livengood

The recent TikTok trend Devious Lick is taking over schools all around the globe. Devious Licks are when students take school property and bring home things like soap dispensers, electric pencil sharpeners, toilet seats, and even stall doors and mirrors. The TikToker that started this trend stole a box of masks and said “ A month into school and already have this Devious Lick.” The students record themselves taking the items to the song Devious Lick (Ay Man You Already Know Who It Is) and adding the items in their bags and bringing it home to show off.

Most items that are stolen are government property and you can be charged a large fine. Schools have gotten rid of bathroom breaks during and in between classes because of how much stuff is being stolen. Some students must be escorted to the bathrooms and be waited on while others are on the no bathroom list and can’t use the restroom at all during school hours because they were caught doing or trying to steal something. Some teachers/schools are offering money and rewards to students who have proof of other students stealing or trying to steal items.  How does the devious lick challenge affect you and others?It can affect your learning by getting you called to the office over it, having to listen to an announcement from the principal about it, and other disruptions. Also, if you’re caught you could be suspended, and in some cases, expelled entirely from the school. If you’re in any sports and you’re caught stealing or vandalizing, you could be kicked from the team and that sport for forever. You could also lose scholarships and other future opportunities. You’re just basically messing up your own future for a few views.

Image from TikTok

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