Is Tropical Storm Nicholas Forming Into A Hurricane?

By : Vivienne Wellet

 Recently Tropical Storm Nicholas has been forming as a major rainfall flooding around Texas and parts of Louisiana. The winds of the storm will be 25-70 mph. It is expected to start Monday night and clear up around Thursday evening. Of how much power the tropical storm is, it might pop out as a hurricane later in the storm. If it does come out as a hurricane it is most likely to be a category 1. As the storm makes it onto land Nicholas should turn northeast into Louisiana and fall into a Tropical Depression, if not a hurricane. It is possible that flooding will occur about two inches per hour or greater in various locations. 

   According to NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center, 8-16 inches of water will flood around local areas in Texas and 5-10 inches southeast of Texas and Lousisna. Although Louisiana has been through Hurricane Ida a tropical storm is heading their way. Yet there are more than 97,000 people who still have no power since Ida hit. Updated by Forcators winds now are 45-60 mph. 

   Even though Nicholas was a tropical storm it quickly downgraded to a tropical depression.   Recently Nicholas hit Texas and recorded about 17 inches of rain and more than 200,000 homes with no power. It is expected that 3-6 inches of rain will be around the Central Gulf Coast while on its way to Louisiana. Louisiana Governor, John Bel Edwards said that ,” Ida came and it’s going to be hard to recover from Nicholas. ‘’ He had also said ,’’ to take this seriously even though it is not a hurricane because it can form into one in the future.’’  

   According to emergency management a sinkhole occurred near Seminole, Florida because of all the flooding happening lately. Flooding will occur all around Texas, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.  Officials told everyone ,’’ not to drive in the floods because you will get stuck and it won’t be safe for Police and 1st responders to help.

Now, newscasters say that there are 3-4 different types of storms that could develop after the conditions Nicholas has been having recently. Updated winds are now at 70-95 mph and 14 inches of water. According to officials in Pensacola, Florida it has flooding streets with 4.45 inches of water. In Gulf Shores, Alabama there is 4.65 inches of water. I hope everyone will be safe during the storm. 

The Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionTUESDAY’S WEATHER-TRAFFIC: Rain returns ahead of Tropical Storm Nicholas

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